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  2. jonnyt0:59
  3. jpitts1:04
  4. Carol661:10
  5. Gible1:19
  6. helen12341:19
  7. chookies1:25
  8. sammysmom1:29
  9. uembm21:30
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What a wonderful project, Eyes. Thank you for the link - it was fun to see. I hadn't heard of it. I am having a lovely time looking through your puzzles, and feel I am getting to know you a little more through them!


It really is incredible. I expected lego-style rows of houses, each looking into the neighbour's windows, really ticky-tacky. I could not have been more wrong. There is space, quiet, variation and privacy. I feel privileged to be there, I must say.


Eyespies, I visited the website. What a wonderful idea.......amazing such a large development with all the amenities still remains peaceful and serene. I
know you are loving it! Carol :)


Graciela - it's massive, isn't it! But what a visionary, whoever 'saw' it in the first place.


That's a huge project eyes!


PPH - yes, this is the village. I posted an info link on another puzzle but here it is:
It is an innovative and quite daring project, the first of its kind in UK on this scale. Have a look and do the 'fly-through', it's fun.


All quite lovely, eyes. Is this your new location?


They're so neat inside, too, and energy-efficient beyond belief. And with a back garden. And private parking. Am I a convert or what?


I'll have the middle one, if still available, Thanks.


Sounds like fun to me!!!


I'll take the one next door to you, with Jigidi friends on the other side! Thanks.

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