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I read in a book about cats that you should them that you will be back and yes I do.


Yes, JayneH. My husband tells our cats the same thing! :-)) dj PS - So do I!!!! :-)


You just do!
I wonder if men share this trait. ??


I always say goodbye to my cat & tell her to be good until I get back!

Of course I always tell my dog!!


I tell my birds I will be back, even if I'm just leaving the room for a while and they call after me. Eventually they figured out what it meant and stop calling when I say it. When I come home from being away for a bit they don't say anything until I come in and say hi, unless I stay outside too long, then they scream because they saw the car and know I'm out there!


Someone has a "spycom" in my home! I tell my rescue Bichon Frise LUCKY this on the infrequent times I have to leave. I love the celebration when I return-even if it's just to the mailbox and back.
Love the comments for this one, FMM3!

I tell them how long I will be no matter where I am going. Silly because they don't tell time, but I still do it.

jayne, you have so much patience...I'm very impressed...yes, I understand that she is 10, my 16 and 17 year olds still got the lectures...and now the 3 and a half year old only gets so much time to lie dtown on me because the four legs hurt as they're poking into me...she's still young enough to need o understand my expectations...Sherry :)))


. . . acceptable loud purring while kneeding my chest . . . and then the claws become sharper . .. "claws!!!" She withdraws her claws - without missing a beat. But she seems sooo loving . . . : - } She's 10 and she can do what ever she chooses. She's never felt grass between her toes. She watches birds that love sunflowers so she knows there's activity out there that keeps her attention, but never seems interested in being there . . . other than a very loved dog, she is the best roommate!! She knows my important words. With 'the look', she lets me know she disagrees. "Bye bye" is met with "who cares" . . . but she's 10. It's been so fun watching her establish her expectations. :-))

Yeah, but I work at home so I really mean it, usually no more than 2 hours...Sherry :)))


It's always: " We'll be back in a little while. You take care of the house." Which is, of course, followed with a kiss on each of their heads. Sherry

ah - who doesn't!!!!!




thanks all! :-)

Sure do,


Geeze thought everyone did that, its: "Cats stay out of trouble, Dog watch the cats"


Yep. I always tell my girls, "I'll be back in just a little bit." Thank you, Maria, for your wonderful postings. Wanda


ALWAYS tell them, "Be good. I love you!"


Not only do I tell them that I'll be back soon, but I also tell them not to do anything stupid while I'm gone. :) It's cats... you know ... Evelyn.

Yes I do. I even tell her when I'm going to the bathroom so she knows I'll be gone for just a couple seconds and we can start playing again. Unbelievable, isn't it!!!. So far we are a party of two and you're not alone!!!

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