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  1. PB6002:14
  2. simplething2:14
  3. BubbaLou2:43
  4. simples2:49
  5. rndixon3:00
  6. jbprols3:03
  7. mwswbk3:18
  8. pietr3:21
  9. jbugs3:25
  10. Tharl3:28


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Good night Bernadette. Hope you are not over-tired. Have a lovely, restful night..... June


I've had a really long day and can't stay awake any longer! Good night and we will talk more tomorrow...Bernadette

Glad you enjoyed the "story" Bernadette. Yes, Leo looked so poorly, I really did feel sorry for him. Thank goodness for Dr. Tigger and his crew.


Love, love, love your story June...Poor Leo looks so miserable! I am so happy Dr, Tigger was able to determine what was wrong, with the help of his medical staff, and got Leo back "in the pink!"

Once a magnificent specimen, Leo, our friendly Lion, is now just a shadow of his former self. A few days ago he woke up after a very restless night, to find that his once beutiful mane was all stubbly, horrible and matted, and his skin was covered with spots. He had no energy, and even sitting up was a problem. Consequently, all he could do was slouch. Even opening his eyes properly was an effort. He went to see Dr. Tigger who hardly recognised him he had changed so much. Dr. Tigger examined him thoroughly, did a number of tests and gave him a tonic. He was told to go to bed and stay there until the test results were through. This Leo did with absolutely no argument whatsoever. Meals on Wheels were instructed to ensure that Leo was properly nourished, and given a high proteiin diet and lots of fluids. After a few days the test results came back, and indicated a severe allergy to his Laundry Powder which he had recently changed. It was as simple as that. Leo went back to his old Laundry Powder, and after a few more days of pampering. felt well enough to get up and start living again. His spots had disappeared, his beautiful mane was beautiful again and he could see properly. Thank goodness for good Doctors and Laboratory Staff who carry out the Tests.


Absolutely, I hope it passes quickly.

Allergies kicking in - please love me anyway!!


And I hope you are having a wonderful day, also.


You are welcome Donna!


Bookmarked, thanks, great puzzle.

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