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Kowanyama Post Office mural

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Kowanyama is an Aboriginal Community on the western side of Cape York Peninsula, QLD, Australia and is home to some 1,200 people. Some of them are very talented artists.
The town has been in the news this past week for the high rainfall that they're receiving! The 'Wet Season' has arrived with a vengeance across the Top End of Western Australia, Northern Territory & Queensland - a couple of cyclones have turned into rain depressions and dumped a staggering 850mm - that's 34inches - on Kowanyama in the last 7 days!! Yesterday they recorded 360mm - 14inches in 24 hours!!! All roads into & out of town are cut and for emergencies they have to rely on the airstrip - weather permitting! The town always stocks-up ready for the Wet Season, so they're well prepared!
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Hi Jim - 5" in one hour is AMAZING!!!! We get heavy rain, but nowhere near that!!! Kowanyama I high up in the tropics of the state and it's not unusual for them to get dumped on like this - not every year, but often enough for them to be prepared! It seems a real shame though as so much of the state is drought-declared, especially out west where farmers are selling cattle stock or moving them to southern pastures, or selling up & walking away!!! Thanks...Robyn!


I read your post and felt bad for the people getting dumped on with vast amounts of rain. We had 5 inches in one hour and it flooded everyone's basement in my town about 10 years ago ,14 inches and every body here would have a swimming pool . I wouldn't wish that on anybody .Water always wins. Some of the other people I know in Oz are having a draught. Other than that this is a very nice puzzle ,Thanks robryan.


Ha! I wish Spricey :)))) Thanks - I'm still barking but otherwise on the road to recovery :))))


Rob - Glad to see you are back fighting fit and well. Sorry to see you were unwell. I was hoping you were off on some exotic thrilling holiday. Take care dear.


Thanks Beekay - yes - I think I'll live now :))))


Great to see you back. I do hope you are much, much better!


Hi everyone - I'm OK thanks - just had a nasty cold that had me feeling 'blah'!! Nothing worse than running a temp when it's 35C and humid!!! I've also been catching up with the Olympics as well - i.e. sitting around not doing much!!! Thanks for checking & being so caring ♥♥.


Are ya off somewhere playing, Robyn? Missing you!


Thinking of you Rob ... and hoping all is well. : )


Happy Valentine's Day Robyn!!! We really do miss you!


Yes Rob, wondering if you away or unwell?? We miss you. janet


Are you ok Robyn? Haven't seen you for awhile.


Very well done Mural, I'm sure they would let us have some of their rain if it were possible, I say some, as we would never cope with their rainfall, Thanks, Rob.


Australia sure is a country of extremes...!!
Great post Rob!


What a great mural, Robyn! Someone is a talented artist.


Thanks Spricey - I've heard that the fishing is great up there!!

My pleasure Patti - thanks!

A lot of the state could use just a fraction of their rainfall Dave - just not quite that much!!! That's interesting that you have an Aboriginal Art Gallery near you!!! I'll keep my eye out for your post - thanks :)))

Thanks snooker!

Ah! I was wondering if you'd seen any on your travels here Allie - it sounds like their art has travelled far & wide!!! Thanks!

Thanks Mary, Suzy & Nicky - I'm pleased you enjoyed this puzzle & info!!


That's an amazing mural. What a lot of rain! We're having rain most days and very high winds, but nothing to what you're having.


What a fine mural!
Thanks for the background information on the area.


Great picture. The artist is very talented.
Very nice puzzle.
Thanks for sharing.


great puzzle thanks Robyn! I bought a few pieces of aboriginal art when I visited AU. I'm very happy with it. thanks!

It is beautiful, Rob.


I hope a little of that rain works over to you Robyn! I recently found the Aborignal art musuem in Charlottesville here, and they have a couple of rooms of dot art that is fantastic, some of it pretty old. I took some photos and will put one on here for you.


So interesting! Thanks for the great puzzle and info!


Hi Rob. Love the painting and it is a great place to visit to learn cultural differences. Ulangariver if you are a fisherman, this is definitely a bucketlist place. The fishing is fantastic whilst in some of the most memorable landscapes/sceneries.


Thanks IF. I love the 'Dot paintings' - some are so intricate and enormous - not quite the size of a Qantas jet - but fascinating!!!


Beautiful indigenous artwork; thanks for sharing with us robryan. I have one of the first Australian $10 plastic notes; that has nice artwork, too. Qantas had some interesting paint schemes on at least two of their 747-400s as well.


Just not quite as much rain as they've had Nev :)))) That's an obscene amount!!! Thanks!!


It seems so unfair doesn't it - if only some would come your way!!! I'm sure they'd we willing to share some of this lot Janet :)))) Thanks!


Interesting Rob. Fabulous Aboriginal paintings. Yes, they are getting too much rain and we still have none! Cheers, janet.

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