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Bear in t he yard!

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Nothing like pulling into a friend's place, to be "greeted" by this! It looked at us,, then went back to finishing what ever was left in the bird-feeder.
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  1. Dclo1:35
  2. inny1:56
  3. GEmommy2:10
  4. Ianto2:22
  5. grace492:46
  6. smpitino3:08
  7. Nancy5050443:50
  8. dustydog4:19
  9. kocma4:57
  10. rainbowbc25:09


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Got to admit, I was a tad "nervous" when we made eye contact. I got one shot, then ran like a scared rabbit into my friend's house!


It would be at this point that you FINAlly admit "I never really cared for these people much anyway" and vroom vroom ";"


What a welcome — or caught in the act?Hello, I was just having a snack. Sorry about the feeder. 😆

Thank you, so beautiful. This bear looks so healthy, glad to so it in such good condition.


I'd say that this youngster has been eating well at a lot of feeders! As long as he isn't being real has learned how to get feeders down without destroying them, and, so far, this bear hasn't shown any aggressiveness in the neighborhood, So most folks are just enjoying looking out their windows as the bear feeds. There have been a lot of re-installing of birdfeed holders, though.

It would be a surprise! Guess they might need a new birdfeeder or at least a re-install?

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