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Happy Birthday pdevredis :)

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  1. mamere0:38
  2. nfourni0:41
  3. Ianto0:42
  4. 3wishes0:49
  5. pdevredis0:49
  6. javasage0:51
  7. confused0:54
  8. whatnauts0:58
  9. Chris5550:58
  10. like921151:01


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Thanks, treker, chickiemama, and Wendy! And thanks again, whatnauts--it's a fabulous puzzle, and I love it! Hey, the first birthday puzzles I posted were a pencil-written note to Magnus and a piece of wrapping paper for Sue, both of which I put in the scanner to use for puzzles. You are WAY ahead of me!!! :-DDD


Thanks PD, bookish and wendy.

Wendy, This is my last minute attempt at a birthday puzzle - I keep telling you I'm not a creative type' - this proves it. LOL

It's the thought that counts - hahahaha.


whatnauts, you posted a puzzle! And for the birthday girl, no less. :-)
I like the streamers. ;-)


Happy Birthday pd!


Keep on keepin' on pd! Happy Birthday...


Thank you so much, whatnauts!!! I love the card--I am a BIG fan of balloons (there are currently 3 bobbing about the desk right now, and one with a bouquet, certain to be joined by other balloons later today!)!!! :-)))))))))))))))))

Thanks, Francine--and I agree: Good puzzle!!!


Wishing you a Happy Birthday, Pat. May you have a super day.
~Whatnauts, good puzzle. Thanks.


Happy, happy birthday, PD. I hope you have a wonderful day :)))))

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