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My Garden Yesterday. Larger.

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Some flowers and interesting things in my garden.

Top Left: My mini Chrysanthemum, flowering now that autumn is here.

Top Right: A tiny nest with two tiny blue eggs right beside our front door. Not a good place and I doubt they will hatch as the mother, who we think is a tiny Wren, is never on the nest. Also it's very late in the year to be raising babies.

Bottom Left: My gorgeous big Hibiscus Tequila Sunrise. It has been flowering and flowering.

Bottom Right: My Cape Honeysuckle with bright orange tube like flowers. "Tecoma capensis, the Cape honeysuckle, is a species of flowering plant in the family Bignoniaceae, native to southern Africa. Despite its common name, it is not closely related to the true honeysuckle." Wiki

Heather and I are off to Maryborough today, but won't be too long as we are staying away from the shops.
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Thanks Diane, yes you do love the flower puzzles. Hugs to you. ♥♥


Rettch as we drove in this afternoon there was a huge storm and I looked at the nest and she has completely deserted it, sadly. We think they were Superb Fairy Wrens too, gorgeous little birds.
Thanks and hugs my friend.


Not a bad effort thanks Nev, with hugs. ♥♥♥


Thanks Lena, as we drove in this afternoon we had a wild storm with lots of rain and the mother as completely abandoned the nest sadly. We think that the babies would have been little Blue Wrens. Hugs to you. ♥


Thanks Tommyo, cheers, Janet.


Thanks leona2do, cheers, Janet.


Very pretty, Janet. Not much difference between us today, Nev, but you know I like to win the flower ones!


Very colorful collage, Janet. Thanks for sharing. The nest is a thing of beauty also. So neatly sculpted with two pretty little eggs and a sad forecast.


Dize, I didn't fare too badly with this one. See how you go. ♥♥♥

Thank you ☺️ Jan for the beautiful flowers and the cute little eggs!Too bad they won’t hatch😢!I have some beautiful hibiscus also, I hope ,but that will not be for a long time!Hugs♥️♥️



very nice combination thank you

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