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waiting for someone

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The Rainbow Bridge
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  1. meeshe130:11
  2. Dilubreuer0:11
  3. truck0:12
  4. Syke0:13
  5. PauaNZ0:14
  6. KatieZn0:14
  7. chuckles19530:15
  8. redina10:16
  9. PebUCLA0:16
  10. andie9830:16


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My heart! ... so lovely, so true... Sherry :)))


This is just so good! Thanks.


Sooooo true, Floyd!


Ellen that is touching!
Dogs are very clever.


A lot of animals KNOW when the owner is returning, even if it's not at a regular time. Telepathy perhaps? I proved years ago that I had a mental link with especially my first dog, and now my Green KNOWS when one of the medications I'm on is raising havoc with my body. I get so freaking COLD after an episode, and Green, not the most cuddly of my 3, gets up on my lap and cuddles me until I'm warm again.


I believe, truck!


So sweet. Thank you for posting this.

Lovely, you made me tear up, too...Sherry :)))


Thanks, truck!

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