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Rhododendron Leaf

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Rhododendrons don't lose their leaves in our winters, but a few older leaves do turn color and eventually fall off, leaving room for new ones in the spring.
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  1. Dilubreuer1:14
  2. alias2v1:26
  3. adviana1:28
  4. Robbos1:36
  5. Pekaji1:39
  6. 4wings51:40
  7. kitkatkit1:50
  8. lydiatwo1:52
  9. Shian21:52
  10. kmtw1:54


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am usually moody during fall or winter Jacki...


You're welcome, Ardy. You made me look, saying yours just turn brown. The two in front are the traditional purple ones, so I looked out the back window to check on the white rhodo. A few of their leaves are yellow rather than this orange color. I wonder what the red ones do on the bush over by the Bike path. I'll be looking now. ♡hugs

Thank you, Adviana. Shian thought it was a beetle. It was obvious to me, but then I was out looking at the whole bush when I took the photo.

They are more likely to turn and fall off in September and October, Lunie, so I think it is partly because of the cold weather. But because only a few fall, I think it is just the older ones that do not want to go through another cold winter. Even people seem to die more often in the fall and winter.


The changing of color is not due to the change of season then, Jacki?


Beautiful how you caught the sunlight in this leave. I coudn't tell what it was before solving.


Wow. Neat, Jacki. I've never seen my rhodos do that. They turn brown and drop off when they get old. I'll have to take a closer look. Thanks, dear friend. ♥Hugs♥


I see your beetle, Shirley. What beautiful wings he has! LOL. You're welcome and thanks for this new way of looking at this photo!

LOL, Suzy. Well put! Happy Monday! ;-)


Proof that in all seasons, rhodos are eye catching.
Thank you, Jacki.
Happy Monday! ♥


Oh and I thought this was a big orange beetle LOL, I got my answer after I solved it :) Thanks, Jacki.


You're welcome, Janet. I do like this color, especially with the sun shining on it. Hugs.


How pretty thanks Jacki. It's beautiful. Hugs my friend.


I think you'd recognize it in a second if you saw it live, Bobbie. The photo doesn't really show how thick and solid rhodo leaves are compared to maple or oak or beech leaves. You're most welcome, and thank You.  (◍ᴗ◍)


Jackie, your photo amazed me because I lived with Rhododendrons for about 8 years at a place we rented. You would think I'd recognize the leaf before reading what it was! Great photo, good puzzle and thank you! ◔ ⌣ ◔

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