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"Red Tree Rocks"

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“The power and drama of nature inspire me. I love wild places,” says Benjamin Everett. The photographer transforms real places into surreal landscapes that inspire us to dream. His approach is reminiscent to that of a painter: Everett roams through expansive natural areas and searches for deserted areas in order to capture a special mood. Then he forms the resulting photos into the scenes from his mind’s eye. Everett describes himself as a “traveling artist” and finds inspiration all over the world, from the open seas of the South Pacific to the Alaskan hinterland. He often plays with the relationship between the perceived and the perceived, setting elements in dreamlike arrangements that create a reference to surrealism. Everett’s work makes the marvels of nature accessible if you are open to being in the right frame of mind. His pieces reveal moments of absolute peacefulness while simultaneously building captivating tension. Looking at his work is like breathing in a rare and beautiful moment with a single deep breath, and then holding it.
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  1. Dclo0:43
  2. LadyDonna10:44
  3. auntmom70:47
  4. Moneyheffer0:59
  5. alansnell1:02
  6. Ckmiller501:03
  7. Bella10001:03
  8. rajinder1:06
  9. pavla71:07
  10. win991:09


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It would be an interesting painting Inuksuk :-)

I would like to see him paint the Canadian Shield.


Thanks Isaly, we didn't get much rain here but sure need it. How are things going in your neck of the woods?
Sending hugs to you my dear friend.


Definitely can feel the power and drama in this beautiful painting by Benjamin Everett. Interesting how he does this from a photograph. I really like his work.

Hope you are fairing okay from all of the storms down your way. Getting pretty wicked down there. Take care of you. Stay safe my friend. Hugs

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