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South of Lincoln City, OR - Yesterday! *link to small puzzle below

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  1. petra2194:57
  2. jpitts6:52
  3. Zdeno7:22
  4. lockcutter7:25
  5. smadar7:42
  6. stephanierussell7:46
  7. Brno1509:01
  8. jannyo9:38
  9. pnorg4610:28
  10. silvestra10:50


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Otters are such fun little creatures to watch! What a great memory that is Melime! Childhood memories of the beach, especially one like yours are so special. You'll keep that one forever!

My first memory of the beach, was running to meet the waves and then finding out how cold the water was. But, who cared, I was a child. And the waves washed in so many things to see. Not just shells, but foam and kelp and logs. Loved it then, love it now!!


I remember when my sister and I were about 10 and 11, we were playing on the beach near Lincoln City (but a sandier part than this), and an otter came almost to shore along the edge of the waves. We ran up the beach following him as he rode those edge waves to the north until we couldn't follow anymore. A delightful memory!


Ardy, I have no idea if the cones are usual or not....It was my first time there. But, I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Maine, so who knows! I hear they are it must be beautiful there, too!

Kirsten - Thanks. I think Mother Nature got a bit carried away with our coastline. I want to thank her! :D))


Thanks so much JC & Ank! I really loved this one and it turned out quite well, I thought. I liked the pine cones almost as much as the ocean......almost! :D


That view IS spectacular, Jan! I love how the green goes all the way down to the water where you are. Thanks for sharing these lovely snaps with us. :)))


So beautiful. Look at all the cones on the tree. Is this normal or are there more than usual? A heavy crop wold seem to indicate a hard winter. So I'm hoping it's the usual or fewer than usual. Thanks Jan. I'd love to come see and then show you the New England coast - especially in Maine. Looks a lot alike.


Thanks Jan. It is very beautiful. Not only the view is great but also the way this picture is taken. Love it .


For the 30 piece puzzle (Ank's size):

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