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Home Sweet Home

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Arrived home midnight 18 March after having to abort our holiday half way through. On day 9 of our road trip around Tasmania our Govt announced all travellers returning home would have to self isolate for 14 days and as we had commitments that would have fallen in that time period we made the choice to get home. We finished our planned time in Tassie and managed after some hassles and $ to get a return flight from Sydney, which had 3 time changes but home now!
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You and I got to where we needed to be just in the nick of time, thank you.


Glad to know you got back home safe Jill...


thx sweetie and likewise xx safer to be indoors these days ♥♥ hugs


Sparky the effect worldwide is huge. Do take care. God bless and hugs


Adorable puzzle and love the expression on the dear frog ♥


So happy you are home safely dearest jillian xxx we in south africa have just had all international flights coming in banned completely - planes that are in the air or that landed can only refuel and they have to go back to where they came from - telling us not even to travel locally and not to go out unless completely necessary, we have stocked up too and cancelled all appointments (we sell Property) until further notice xx god bless dear friends and keep safe ♥♥♥


Hi Jill. I'm glad you'd made it to return home safe and sound. We are going through difficult times and we need to try and survive with a minimum cost. Stay at home and be safe.


Thank you Jacquie, very pleased to be home. Glad you enjoyed this. Will make contact in next couple of days.


Welcome home, dear Jill! Love the photo, btw... Jacquie


Thanks so much Brian, you and your lovely wife take care as well.


Definitely agree with you Suzy :-) We are blessed with family and great neighbours.


Thank you Maureen, indeed all over our world is impacted. The panic buying does not help anything and disadvantages others. Home is the place to be, hugs to you, stay safe.


Glad to know you are safely back home, take care.........B


Home is the place to be now, Jill. Sorry your holiday was cut short, but you were wise to return to home sweet home. Happy to hear you were able to get a return flight, despite the hassles.


Glad you made it home safely Jillian. Our country is also in lockdown.
Schools ,universities and shops closing early. No liquor sold after certain time.
Weddings cancelled no more than 100 people at a gathering. Older people encouraged to stay indoors. Panic buying,clearing shelves of toilet paper !
People are panicking ! Hugs ❤️❤️❤️


We are so happy to be home, when they cancelled our morning flight we managed to get the night before and thankfully our flight from Hobart to Sydney went smoothly. Thank you Val so much for your care. Hugs and keep safe my friend.


Thanks so much Polka2, yes doing well. Trust you and yours are well.


Excellent news you are home, love Kermit with his travel bags, cute puzzle, stay safe my friend Hugs


Glad you made it home safely, Jill. I hope you're doing well. ☺


Thanks so much Dave it is great to be home. Your business will be majorly affected too I presume. Not good. Is your weather becoming spring like now?


We're hunkered down here in Va. as well. Glad your home safe, my friend.


PLG thank you. It certainly is a world wide situation, and being at home, wherever home is, is the best place to be.


Too bad about your trip, but glad you're home, safe. We're all kind of laying low right now.


Janet it is so amazing that my friends on Jigidi have been concerned and want to know. I so appreciate it and from you my friend. Hugs


Such a cute puzzle to let us know that you are safely home. I hear on the news this morning that Tassie has now closed its borders too. Tanks and hugs Jill. ♥


Thank you dear Deanna, we are very happy to be home safe and sound.


Jill, good news! You are home and I hope everything is fine with you. Thank you for the beautiful puzzle after returning to your sweet home ♥:))




I thought it was easiest way. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts.


Jaklien we are very happy to be home, so appreciate your care and concern. Hugs - at least we can still do these virtually :-)


Thank you quilt65, my pleasure.


Love this puzzle to let us know you arrived home and are safe. That is great news!


Jill, now I'm reassured and relieved. Not because your trip was interrupted , of course not, but because you are now safely home.


Cute puzzle. Thanks for sharing.