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Ala Spit, Whidbey Island, WA

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  1. MyHG7:30
  2. PaulYounglove8:31
  3. tiaanm9:16
  4. muffin339:58
  5. Carol6610:21
  6. yarnover10:54
  7. olsmats11:04
  8. nicolasjer11:53
  9. gremeard12:05
  10. Hulalulu12:41


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Hoi Carol, I think I wrote something like the following:

Ala Spit, formerly known as Ben Ure Spit, is a small beach, located on the east side of Whidbey Island, south of Deception Pass. Butter clams, and cockles are the most abundant species found on this beach. The area inside of the spit and towards the southern end of the beach is primarily mud and sand and is not good clam habitat. You may also find horse clams and eastern softshell clams here.

I definitely don't want to look pedantic, but my own interest may go a little too far, it's mainly about puzzling here on Jigidi, right?


Hi Jaklien, I knew I can count on you for good "info" (re Ala Spit). While I was trying to reply, my computer shut down and your message not only disappeared I had to reboot and now Jigidi looks "funny"? (LOL I remember our discussion a few years back regarding Mt. Helen's,)


Hi LuluK.
Praying you continue to make a full recovery. I was ill for about 2 weeks the beginning of April. No clue what it was? It did not have COVID-19 signs (then). Makes me wonder as so many other side effects have surfaced since then. I am almost good a new. Kept trying to reach my medical provider. No response. Son has come through unscathed COVID wise. He was working from home when his company let him and many mid-management people go. Life is strange here.

Can you tell me what a spit is? Have you been well? I was in isolation in the hospital from March 23 to April 22!! That Covid-19 is a monster! !So blessed to survive it. Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Detroit was hit hard. Did your son come through unscathed? I remember you said he drove to Detroit everyday... I think Michigan is supposed to open up toward the end of the month. Haven't been in any hurry, believe you me!!


Pam Headridge takes the most wonderful pictures!

Thank you, Carol, for a wonderful puzzle--I feel like I'm on that spit right now taking a stroll! Nancy

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