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Figment 106

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Allow me to introduce a rare sight - the Jigidisaurus Puzzlii.

Found only on the Planet Zorb where it lives in great contentment on the open plains. It is a gentle and peaceful creature with an exclusive diet of jigsaw puzzle pieces. The Central Zorb Plains is where the Jigbits tree (Eucalyptus Signata Jigidii) grows in abundance.

It never solves a puzzle - it simply eats every piece it finds. If you have ever wondered why one or two pieces are missing from a puzzle; look no further. The cat, dog or goldfish did not chew them, hide them or drown them. No more suspicious thoughts about your pets now you know the truth!

PS Of course, one must never trust a vacuum cleaner not to take it's share of carelessly placed puzzle pieces ☺
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LOL! Sure... right... ☺
I'll dust off the old imagination on the weekend and we'll see what happens. It's safe to say a challenge will be around :-))

Yeah, sure. :-). It most likely be a challenge puzzle; yes? I look forward to it with anticipation!


Will do! Next one may be more structured but I'm sure a wild one will pop up before too long ☺

Thank you so much. I really enjoy your creativity and challenging puzzles. Keep them coming. :-)


jusangi, I am proud of you for solving this monster monster! As I wrote in the message, I will not be joining you but I do admire your perseverance - I lack that for this size puzzle ☺
Thank you for solving it even when you thought you might not. I warms my heart that you did it.

I really liked your closing comment. When I first saw you had posted this puzzle, I almost did not open it. Something kept me coming back and I figured if she created this masterpiece, then I would work it. Even though it was challenging, I persevered. Thanks so much!


LOL... poor cat!


Oh good! Funny how I used to blame the cat! All innocent mind you! (*~*)


Thanks, Anne ♥
These critters do get around! Now you have a safe zone with no more cardboard lying around for them to eat, they won't visit again ☺


Ja, dit neem lank om op te los! Ek is bly dat jy daarvan hou. Dankie, Bjergheksen ☺


Cute puzzle thanks Foxy. Think that critter has been at my place too. I save my solving for Jigidi now. (*~*)


Holy Moily - Det tog tid :) ... Men dejlig historie, og dejligt billede .. Tak for det


You did well, Sharon! You ARE a champion solver! Have a cup of tea and a sit down ☺
I thought of solving it but decided I'm too old. I don't even buy green bananas at my age let alone try this size LOL.

So after four days sporadically working on this VERY challenging and crazy making puzzle, I am finished!! I need a rest! So very clever foxy!!!


LOL... Jenny - go for it, girlfriend!
That is so funny, Robbie. I am tickled pink by this story ☺
Good tidings are welcome and are returned to you both! You're a lovely pair and well suited to one another :-) Thanks, you two!


Hi foxy, I had this bookmarked but Jenny finished it earlier today and just loved it! (She steals my puzzles on my site.) She thanks you and we both send good tidings!


Thank you, Aevans. You're brave to take on this size ☺

Fun colorful puzzle


LOL... I do love your sense of humour, Janet!


Oh dear - I was there only last week and missed them ! Never mind, I'm sure I will have one of the cousins in the house soon enough when I open up some new jigsaws !
Cheers & keep safe, Janet


Thanks, Janet ☺
Even though they live on Planet Zorb they do visit Earth on a regular basis so it is highly likely you did have a visit. Frankly I am amazed you found those stray pieces - the cousin must not have been hungry and hid them for later and then forgot!
I think you might find the Eucalyptus Signata Jigidii at the Boondagiwalla Nursery - just the other side of The Black Stump on the Woop Woop Road... take a cut lunch and a water bag with you... it's a fair hike, mate ☺


Thank you, katinpawling. The colours may change depending on what colour puzzle pieces are eaten☺


He's gorgeous ! Thank you. I think his cousin lived with us for awhile, she didn't eat the pieces, just hid them. I know because when we moved house last year and I was packing up 40 years of possessions, I found stray jigsaw bits all over the place ! Please tell me where to buy the Eucalyptus Signata Jigidii, I would love one in the garden!
Cheers, Janet

Thank you for the message after I solved your puzzle. It was fun to do because of the beautiful colors.

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