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Birds eye view of corn silage unloading

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My bro took this pic the other year from atop the silo. Have fun, Dave
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My vertigo kicked in on this one


Ha ha Chrissie! I like the exercise suggestion.
I don't think slowing down on the bridge would work too well, but thanks for the idea!


How about timing it so you can have someone drive really slowly on the bridge and pause briefly for you to take a shot? This is Sally's suggestion. I was going to suggest exercises to make your arms longer LOL.


I don't think so. :-)


Not a safe prospect! Wonder if there's a long enough selfie stick :-))


There is a shot I would like to get but can't, because it would involve me standing on a bridge with traffic rushing past me and there is not a walking lane. I would like to get the sun going down on the river. A drone would work for that. But I will probably never buy one either. :-))


For photography a drone would be a great tool but, like you, I doubt I could fly one. It's like looking in a mirror and trying to trim your own fringe. Not advisable :-) Unless I can see sunrise or sunset I'm not good with direction. Up and down I can do :-) A drone is not for me!


LOL Chrissie!
We have a friend who has one. I think they would be neat for taking pictures that I can't get because of access. But I don't know if I could manage to fly one without being able to see it. It would be like working in a mirror, I think, and I'm not real great at that.


Judy, this is how old I am that the thought of a drone never occurred!


It could have been a drone!


Dave, I wondered how you got the bird to carry a camera! Silly me :-)


That's great! The bins across from me do not have anything like that. Just a ladder on the outside of the bin and then a door in the top of the bin for them to look in.


There's a steel enclosed standing area up there. Thanks jals, sorry you got queasy red, ha, D


I hope he was hanging on tight! :-))


Messes with my stomach big time! Thanks, I guess.

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