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  1. AvW6:21
  2. Ianto6:57
  3. klmoore1237:58
  4. Caravela8:11
  5. chg8:12
  6. krussell8:23
  7. djburno20009:11
  8. skyorski10:17
  9. beyondwords10:26
  10. gny10:30


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These are a Beautiful Species. I threw a brick @ a Web of this species of a Spider & that brick just bounced right off of that web. Our Oklahoma winds don't seem to bother the webs either. Their bite is not deadly but it can be painful & leave its mark. This is an excellent picture of one too :) They do get quite large & they are aggressive if you choose to get too close. Just saying ;)

Someone told me that the zigzag is so birds don't fly into it.

I think I'll pay more attention to zigzag webs in the future. Thank you.

I'm fascinated by spiders, especially orb spiders that build interesting webs. I'll have to do the puzzle to get good look at this spider and whatever web he has spun.




Beautiful spider. Thank you.

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