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OH!!! L.O.L. ;-D........


HELL, damn it! ;-D............


Adrianna- I'm so happy you had a wonderful weekend with your hubby! WOW! More new material for flowers, I am soooooooooo glad I posted this garden idea, just because it's giving you so much fun and joy out of it! Your making such beautiful Flower Plates too, I really love them all especially the porcelain and the glass ones, those are my very favorite ones of all!...Big hugs for you sweety!

Ann- Hi Mamacita' how was your weekend sweety? I thought you might get a kick out of this pic, I still laugh every time I see it! I'm so sorry but I don't know what H311 stands for, can you please explain it to me?...Big hugs to you my Mamacita'


Monica, this is a great one. What the caption says seems to be exactly right---and it's funny as H311!
Thanks, Chica................


Its alreddy sunday nicht 20.15 and we had a wonderful weekend and we buy new material for flowers.glas and porcelain. : -)) big hugg


Aggie- Yeah, I'm sure he is! Helping his own little self, that's what he's doing! L.O.L.

Petslave- L.O.L. Good one, that would probably be me, I do feel a little wet from laughing so hard! L.O.L.

Fodus- Thanks, I got a big chuckle out of it too, almost wet my pants, or did I! L.O.L.

Adrianna- I know, isn't she just sooooooo precious! I love this pic so much! I just can't stop laughing over it! Hope your having a wonderful weekend with your sweety!...Hugs


Ohooo That cute little face with those big eyes Wonderful.


Bog chuckle!


Denise- Hey, you snuck in when I wasn't looking! L.O.L. I know, she does doesn't she! Thanks for your big smile my friend, I'm very happy you liked this pic as much as I did!

Gene- It really does! L.O.L. I know, the look on his face says he means business! Too cute! Thank you very much for your nice comment my friend, I'm so glad you like this pic too!


That look on the baby's face just makes ya laugh so much Monica and the look on the dog is about the same LOL


Hi there Janine! I'm soooooo happy that I was able to make you laugh so hard, it took me a while to post this pic cause I was laughing so hard from it too! I just love the look on the baby's face, like she's actually taking in everything the dog is telling her! Thank you so much for making my morning brighter from your laughter! Hope you have a fabulous weekend sweety!...Big hugs for you


Ha ha so funny .........looks like the baby understands all he says:-)))) BIG smile Monica:-)))

So hilarious.......I laughed so hard last night from your posts, and again this morning.....
Monica, I must be living right..!! Thank you so Janine.

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