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~~ೞ What happens in the grass ೞ~~

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The mantis is perfectly hidden among the blades of grass
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We have plenty of Mantises during the warm months of the year, they are big and graceful to look at.


Yes Nicco, it's perfect, isn't it? Almost invisible insect - nature is very inventive ♥:))


Wonderful camouflage.


Marina, yes, it is a mantis. I was lucky, it's hard to find in the grass. Do you have them too? ♥:))


Wow! A fierce mantis!


Rebecca, really? That's unbelievable, you had a tamed mantis! Thank you for sharing this unique experience with us ♥:))


Jill, thank you for coming to see my set of "caterpillars", I'm glad you enjoyed it without the danger of meeting them. I take pictures of them without worries, fortunately here are no very toxic species of insects. I wish you nice and safe summer days ♥:))


Gail, thank you for praising my topic, which was "born" while browsing the photos. From your experience with insects, it could be quite a fun story, you could write it. Natural selection is fair but very cruel, as the red and black creatures on your succulents prove. When I look at documents about the behavior and diversity of insects, I am always amazed. I wish you a lot of beautiful and humorous insect experiences ... if possible without harm ♥:))


I had a praying mantis in a garden many years ago that would eat from my hand!


Deanna what a great set of all these little creatures. Wonderful captures of these photos, did enjoy them all. Thank you


Love your theme today Deanna! My personal experience was with a young termite inspector who helped me catch newly hatched mantis babies while they were scrambling up the siding on the front of my house. I moved them to our garden. He has come every year and never forgotten that!

Insects are great entertainment for those who look. For some reason, we have assassin bugs hatch every year in my succulents on the back deck rail. A mass of tiny red and black little killers, they will all group under one leaf and I try to move a few to each of my planters before they eat each other.

Later, a bunch have gathered together again, and I wonder if it's nature's way of providing the winners in the litter with a few good meals. 😉


Jerry, thank you for describing your unique experience, this is a really rare moment to see something like this. It's quite a big problem to see an adult mantis hidden in the grass, it is very well hidden. I'm glad you came to see it ♥:))


@Deanna Thanks for this wonderful gallery of puzzles today. I was once fortunate enough to discover a hoard of hatching, perfectly miniaturized (but for wings) praying mantis tumbling out of an egg sac. Quite a wonderment!


Judy, thank you very much, I hope no one will be scared to look at my "caterpillars" today. I'm glad I could show them to you ♥:))


Great close ups of these bugs. TFS :-)

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