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May 27 is National Italian Beef Day

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Portillo's Restaurant is "celebrating National Italian Beef Month with a nod to Chicago's favorite, homemade Italian Beef. Famously known for being slow-roasted for four hours, thinly sliced and served on freshly baked French bread, it’s no wonder our beef travels over 6,000 miles every week. After using our homemade seasoning blend for over 45 years, we couldn't think of a more fitting time to share all the exciting facts on our beef and gravy goodness."

It features freshly baked bread, Italian beef (Roasted beef that is tender, lean, low in fat, and spiced with special seasonings, served in its own natural gravy), sweet peppers, hot peppers, and other toppings.


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@sys -- You are very welcome here!




You are welcome. I am feeling a bit light-headed. I just got back from my barber.


@ParsonWayne -- Thanks, Wayne. :-)


I never sausage sandwiches as you have here, Fiona.

Thanks for the reminder. We will be in for dinner if outdoor seating is available.


Great looking Sammiches.


“One of each, please”........!


That's why they are lopsided! They walk horizontally on the hillside and one leg is now shorter than the other! lol


I don't either!!

PW, isn't most of Italy hilly? So they should all be lean.


It is hard to find Italian cows that are lean - unless they are grown on a hillside.


Mouth is drooling, but leave off the peppers!!!! Yeah, I know it is not Italian Beef sandwich without the peppers! I don't care, I do not like them!!!!