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my dragonfly tattoo

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30 year old tattoo on my leg-didn't photograph well. magenta,teal&purple
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  5. Jtgt10160:21
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  8. Hussey0440:23
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The Bat Signal points towards the heavens. I assure you that a lower back tat on an old lady doesn't point towards the heavens.


@SPaceDinVADerOne that may be why it looks kinda funky. i used to hike the high peaks for years-got many comments on my very muscular legs. 2016, i had a right hip replacement, and then got sick and lost my endurance, so i guess my tat went bad, cause i have no muscles now.


depending on where you get the tattoo depends on the "pain" level. the more muscle ... bicep, calf, thigh, buns or breast ... the less pain 😉

you also have to decide what you want to get when you are in your 20's, that you will still want when you're in your 60's. and finally decide where on your body you want to put it that will not get ravaged by aging.

lower back tattoos look great when she's in her 20's ... it looks like the Bat Signal by the time she's 50 😇


@SPaceDinVADerOne tried to get a good pic, but i'm not as agile as i used to be. i do have better ones somewhere.


@KittyCounselor reminded me of my ex's toenails on my leg at night. didn't hurt at all. balancing 6 hours on a kitchen stool with my leg in the air was hard, though. it was supposed to be small, but turned out 4"x 6". won it in a Christmas raffle/craft fair where i worked. had wanted one for years. finally decided i would get one if i won the raffle, otherwise i'd never get one. three $1 tickets and i won.


I hope that didn't hurt as much as I think it did. If I had ever had anything it would've been a butterfly.

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