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Baby on board

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It doesn't look like much, but I had to stop pruning this lilac after it had bloomed because of a nest hidden in the back! Mentioned what I had found to my dentist and he told me I should put the 'baby on board' sign up so people would know why my lilac is going to look rather funny for the next few weeks!

Yes, they are blue jays, but I am NOT good with the idea of killing babies!


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Must have been fun watching the babies .
Sorry about the figs but I'm sure you'll have plenty this year..We had the same problem with swallows (?): from one week to the next they ate ALL our cherries ,which for once ,because of the mild winter, hadn't frozen ! Hubby wasn't very pleased..


Hi. The nest was sort of down, in back of the part not trimmed.

The babies grew up, and left the nest. However baby jays tend to hang around where they hatched for some time, and we had fun watching them pace up and down the drive or pop into and out of bushes.

Downside: they discovered my fig tree and ate ALL the figs. Well, I think I got two.... Little stinkers!

They are gone now and the bush trimmed down with new growth on it. But that was a fun spring.


That was a very good idea Penset. Birds are more important than the shape of a tree !
Was wondering where the baby was hidden lol..