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In Honor of those lives lost & their families on September 11, 2001

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I suffered no personal loss zumbachick, but I feel great sadness for all that lost a loved one.

Thank you for the Memorial


I corrected my title, prayers go out to all! ;-)


Let's never forget. ♥♥♥

So sorry Nanab

An insane man wanted a war and he got one but he was a coward and lost.. The whole world lost citizens to his plans. With his wealth he could have have saved lives built homes for the poor. He could be an honest humble man but his wealth turned to weapons of destruction. Many died on September 11, 2001, they suffered and were tortured. My prayer is for them and their families today.


Remembering those that lost a loved one as well.


AMEN!!! To the above "title" and to what AMomentInTime said below.


Too many Innocents lost or forever changed that fateful day.

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