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  1. hincoq1:32:37
  2. laurapregel1:34:20
  3. nikitta19741:40:44
  4. Helencp31:50:17
  5. JeromesLion1:54:57
  6. 1lisa11:57:35
  7. gaih332:03:33
  8. cihil2:05:58
  9. dorota19582:12:35
  10. nanadar2:14:13


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These are very common in the San Francisco Bay Area, but they are mostly used for ornamentation in gardens. We had a neighbor who grew them at the front edge of her garden, but she wouldn't eat cauliflower so she always gave them to us. And, yes, it's correct, they all taste exactly the same.

Thanks for the comments. I've actually never tried the colorful ones. Good to know they all taste the same.



Have tasted all the cauliflowers except the orange one. If you shut your eyes and didn't know the colour, they all tasted the same.


Lovely. And healthy too!

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