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Soft like a Bunny.
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  1. Syke2:07
  2. hadzi3:06
  3. hartlova3:12
  4. ab13243:16
  5. starcatlady63:28
  6. ajandfran3:49
  7. introvertka3:50
  8. beyondwords4:08
  9. jjstorck4:59


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Gosh, you know them and their needs and preferences well! I'm still having trouble remembering what they look like. Thank you for naming them when you post puzzles.


No, just the 5 siblings. Magic (Max's Brother-Max gets regular food) has urinary problems so he is on special food from Chewy. Nicky, tuxedo, is oldest so he gets canned (Friskies or 9-Lives) in AM, Fancy Feast PM & evening & dry Iams (regular) whenever he wants. He is thin so I don't know where he puts it. Have to keep other cats away when Nicky eats because he is a push-over & lets them have at it. So, that just leaves our Mushu (Magic & Max's other Brother) - he is our little Black cat & when we have company over they NEVER get to see Mushu - always hidden. Mushu is so very loving but can be a bully to some other cats, but only once in a while. Mushu gets regular food. He and Ariel like when I shell peanuts because they beg until I give them some. Smokie only likes ground up peanuts.

Sounds like a good plan. Let us know if it works. Don't you have other cats? Are they on the same regime?


This is when they were almost a year old - unfortunately Ariel, Miss Nikky, Smokie, Twinkle and their brother Stryder are a bit rounder. They are on two diet foods but still get canned food in the morning and treats before bedtime. Feed the diet food twice - afternoon and second time around 10 PM.

Beautiful dilute markings on that soft coat. And she's long!

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