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What a Difference in 70 years ☺☺☺

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They were so feminine in the 50's ✿´‿`
Very few jeans worn on ladies ✿´‿`
They wore slacks or pant suits ✿´‿`
I do not like those ripped jeans at all !!!
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I recall the 50's dresses very well. Actually loved it but as Prairiewind stated, I also enjoy dressing up when I want but now as an octogenarian, I love dressing as I please also. But the jeans that are torn up, who in the world came up with the idea is my question and how in the world did they fall in line?


I enjoy dressing up and wear suits and gloves when I feel like it, but also as a septuagenarian rejoice in wearing what I damn well please. In high school I would have been kicked out of school for wearing slacks. I am glad kids have the freedom to choose even when I do not like their choices


As a little girl, I had white gloves, white anklets, hats, and hankies. As a teen, I embraced hip huggers and fringes. I thought Mrs. Cleaver was an unrealistic anachronism; I didn't realize how forward she was (the book The Midcentury Kitchen by Sarah Archer compares the era of iceboxes & potbelly stoves to the modern USA-driven kitchen, where a pearl necklaced dress-wearing demonstrator showcased modern kitchen marvels to Russians).

Now I long for my dresses and white gloves. Also, there are children around the world who scavenge for clothing in dumps - why do lucky children want to wear rags?


I am amazed the ripped jeans have stayed in style, but memories of the joyful feeling of full-skirted cotton dresses of 1959 also bring up my memory of going to a party after changing a tire in a pale-blue dress that no longer looked fresh, and the chronic chapped knees from waiting for the school bus in the winter wind. Every decade has its own joys and sorrows.


I'm going with the 50's style.

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