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Happy Valentine's Day! ♥♥♥
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  1. EiCPS571:53
  2. HLC1:55
  3. sbrinck2:04
  4. TINKY2:11
  5. Wolf72:17
  6. mariolyn2:25
  7. Xtonya89x19952:25
  8. ANITRA2:25
  9. merry2462:33
  10. Hatiwu2:36


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Thank you my friend! Blessings to you! ♥


Hi Chris! I saw your message of Christmas on Katsha's puzzles, but I prefered to answer here. So, have a nice Christmas too, in Peace and health. Thanks, my dear friend!


I'm on it! :)


Heard from my brother today... His house is a total loss. They are still without power... all the stores are closed and they are running low on food and water. Prayers appreciated! ♥♥♥


Just really happy you and your family are ok. We heard and saw some pretty awful stuff.


Thanks Lorri! Luckily by the time Irma got to us she had blown herself out! 47 MPH gusts and steady rain. However my family in Florida took a beating. Praise God they came thru safe with minimal damage. My brother in Ft. Myers got it the worse .... 2 FT of water in the downstairs part of his house!


Dearest friend chris, it's 9/11 and I am again watching the news about hurricane Irma. I truly hope you are somewhere safe and warm. I can't believe the total devastation and the weatherman says there's more to come. If you need to get out for a bit let me know, we are well away from the storms and I have a dry warm bed that could be yours if you need it.....................Lorri


You're mighty welcome Cobber! ♥


Thanks mate! 2:54


Dear Wanda!!! Your English is perfect! I always enjoy "running" in to you on different puzzling sites! I love Jigidi because I have met so many wonderful friends through their site! Just keeping up with all of your wonderful 'real estate' purchases is a full time job... Especially when Katsha and Toku get involved. If you like puzzles around 70 pcs., check out db66 or Robbos, they live in Australia! Happy Puzzling and I'll see you around! ♥♥♥


Wonderful your hearts, Chris! Wonderful "Valentines Day"message, it is a pity that I only saw it today. It doesn't matter because we are already good friends as puzzlers. About that walk on Chilove's puzzle, I'm ready to go. It is very nice to find you here and there solving puzzles. Chris, maybe you don't know, but I'm Brazilian and sometimes have trouble with English. I hope you understand me!


I am sooooo slow solving puzzles. I am actually here to check in with you. I have not seen you around much. I just wanted to make sure you are okay. I know Yoshi is already tired of the heat:-))


Thank you. HVD to you too.

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