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Wristwatch Faces

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  1. POKE748:27
  2. monza0068:52
  3. mags1798:59
  4. msss10:05
  5. floating_city11:21
  6. susie711:24
  7. Bsanders41511:35
  8. Kuanna12:10
  9. krkarnes12:13
  10. pdevredis12:25


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Wendy! Chocolate chips cookies would be PERFECT! When I was a teenager, my best friend and I made Toll House Chocolate Chip cookies from scratch every single weekend. We added walnuts which made them mouth watering delicious. When I became an adult, I changed from ordinary walnuts to black walnuts. I suppose black walnuts are an acquired taste, but I sure loved them. I won't make them anymore though, because I have to watch my weight now. I didn't have to then. LOL

Your services are priceless, how can I set a price on them! I wish I could email you a batch of chocolate chip cookies as payment!


Oh, Wendy.....I'm so happy that you are enjoying my puzzles so much and I have a HUGE smile on my face after reading your latest comment.

Tell me how much I should charge you for your therapy sessions though. I need a ballpark number and will have to print out discount coupons. The longer you're without the use of your house, the higher the discounts will be. hehehe

Wendy, I'm sitting in an RV in my front yard as an excavator and a front-end loader roar around with loads of concrete block - I'm having my entire foundation replaced. Your beautiful puzzles are helping to keep me sane through this hectic, noisy process. Every once in a while I climb inside the RV and move some pieces around and the roar, dirt, and mayhem disappear for a few minutes. You should be charging me for therapy!


Wendy, I think I'm glad I'm staying too. :-) You're making me smile. ;-)

I'm a little behind in my puzzle working, so I just came across this comment thread. Yikes! My heart skipped a beat when I saw that you, my very most favorite designer, might be leaving. OOOOOOOH, NOOOOOO! I am so very glad you're staying!


kindwomanxx, Jane, and Magda, friends of mine convinced me to stay so I am. :-)


Is there mobbing on jigidi too? No, Wendy you MUST change your mind. Just ignore the person who bothers you. We others all love you.


After missing you for 2 days, I found this. Did you announce, that you will leave? No, you can not, must not. Jigidi will not be the same without you. I hope you are well! Wish you all the Best, dear Wendy.

Sorry you're leaving. I just discovered your wonderful puzzles....:(


Timex watches are cool, Pat! :-)


Yup, shower, swim, sleep--that's why I buy big, sturdy men's Timex watches! And there's one more reason--I don't need my reading glasses when the watch is that big! With my phone, I have to put the damn glasses on to use it for anything......


Pat, not even when you shower or bathe? OK, I'll send you a shipment of them so that you can switch the colors whenever you please. Keep in mind that there are no hands on the dial, and the numbers have disappeared after these fell into a bucket of water. However, they still tick-tock.

Cobbscout, holy cow! Someone like me. I used to always do little 'tests' like that to see what people felt about different things. :-) What you did is soooooo cooooooooool!

Pat, the only time I may check the clock is around prime time on the TV to make sure I don't miss it. LOL

chilisand, since I no longer care about time, I don't have a watch, but I think the last one I ever used was a Mickey Mouse watch and that was in my adult years. They're waaaay cooool!


Me too, IF I am leaving the house, I wear an analog watch (Mickey Mouse) from my "corporate" days :-)


I don't carry my cell phone or iPad every minute of the day. Besides, a quick glance at my wrist is much more discreet than interrupting a conversation by pulling out a PDA just to check the time, I think! And it's an analog watch, so that makes me even more of a Luddite, I guess... :-)))


Wow, someone who actually wears a wristwatch. You certainly are in the minority now-a-days.

I took a survey in a doctor's office waiting room and out of the 20 people there, not a single one of them was wearing a wristwatch. However, when I asked, "What time is it?" they all pull out their cell phones or other PDA. It was funny and enlightening.


I never, ever take of my wristwatch, but I'd be happy to trade it for these--super cool shapes and colors! I could switch around several times a day, and clock-watching would finally be fun! :-)))

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