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Sand Hill Crane, looking before crossing.
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  1. Juanca28101:00
  2. Brie16481:04
  3. COsky1:10
  4. glenestele1:24
  5. aerovka1:32
  6. Oldheg1:34
  7. DrMary1:35
  8. mapletree1:36
  9. jyou1:40
  10. ettevy1:40


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Good Morning, Brie. Your description of Filey & your area sounds so lovely! I would love to visit Europe "some day", especially the UK, & maybe even to meet some of the friends I've met online who live in England & Ireland. We live on a creek about 70 miles east of the Oregon coast. It is beautiful here, lots of forests, wildflowers & wildlife, & definite changes of the seasons. We have nearly 4 acres, lots of room to stretch out & have nice gardens & such. I grew up in San Diego California, where the beaches are a huge part of life, lovely & clean & the water is just cold enough to be refreshing on hot days. I miss them, & my family & friends down there. The weather & seasons don't change much, just a bit cooler in winter & warm & lovely the rest if the year. I love San Diego, but it is just too expensive to live there. The beaches here are quite rocky, the shores are strewn with driftwood & the water is very cold even in summer, as it is here in our creek & the pond on our property. But there is an awesome natural beauty here that we enjoy very much. We visit the coast at least once a year. Our birthdays are both in July, & we usually visit a cute little seafood restaurant called "The Porthole" in Gold Beach. The owner-manager Tony is very nice & knows we come a long way as our birthday treat, so we get a nice harbor view window seat & sometimes free dessert. This heat wave is unusual, we rarely get temperatures this high or for so many days at once here. It is supposed to reach 106 again today, & 107 tomorrow! My husband is severely diabetic & works part time at a gas station. I dread his having to work in this heat. Fortunately, I haven't been bothered by the trolls, but I know SexyShoes & others on here who have. I too hope it stays quiet on here, now that they've had their mischief & "fun". It is just so sad that some people enjoy being mean & causing trouble for those who just want to have fun with the puzzles & meet like-minded friends. I hope you have a lovely evening, & the rest of your week as well. I'm off to do some fun Jigidi puzzles! (((Hugs)))


A good morning to you Gina
Yes, I'm in the UK - in a little seaside town called Filey up on the north Yorkshire coast, a half mile from the sea.
We are expecting a heat wave down south but we shall probably get the mid 70's which is perfect though I do love it when it gets really hot. Of course, very few people here have air conditioning, so the windows are opened wide. Where I am there is always a sea breeze (gale!) which keeps the temperatures down.
106 is HOT! 95 is the expected in the south and then it'll end with thunderstorms and we'll go back to normal.
Brush fires are awful - they move so quickly.
I first went to the USA in 1977. I did 6 weeks coast to coast. I also did New York for a day - I flew on the inaugural flight of Concorde into JFK - awesome plane 3hours and 29 minutes London to New York.
It's good to see things have quietened down a bit on here. Have you been left alone or are they still trolling you?
You have a lovely evening and I shall go and make some breakfast - dull and grey outside and drizzly rain - yesterday was glorious - typical English summer ;o)


Good Evening! At least it is here, it's past my bedtime but I was just checking my puzzle comments & saw yours. I think you are in the UK? Here in Oregon we're having quite a heat wave. It got up to 106 degrees F today! Even the AC & fans couldn't keep us cool here in the house. Tomorrow's high is supposed to only be 94 F. so not as bad. We've also had several brush fires in our area over the last week. One was pretty bad, but they're finishing that up now. I hope your day today will be lovely & happy. Hugs, Gina


Good morning!
I really like Jigidi - and I am sure Stefan and Magnus are decent chaps - they just must listen to the good people. I love your phrase 'troll dung' - much more descriptive than 'pond scum' though both are vile and smelly!
I will not join Facebook or Twitter. I know there are various filters but somehow people are too vulnerable to those who are hell bent on nastiness. As a teacher (retired, thank God!) it is far too risky.
I have so many friends on Jigid, four of whom I have met in person; two here and two in the States - Laurajane and Sandi who isn't around these days. What lovely people and they, to me, are the true essence of Jigidi - kind, caring and good.
Off to cut my sister's grass before it rains; dull but warm here this morning. Have a lovely day and I'll be back tonight :o)


Wow Bren, you've been in more states than I have! I've been more than 25 (half) of our states, & lived in 6 of them, & I love them all. To me they are like jewels, each with its own special beauty & character, & together they make up a priceless treasure such as the world has never seen before, nor will we ever again. I am also thrilled to have met so many people from all over the world, both through Facebook & now through Jigidi. I enjoy Jigidi in some ways much more than Facebook, it's much less crowded & to me more fun & relaxed. I started out on Facebook to keep in touch with my family & friends, who mostly live in San Diego, California, where we also lived before moving up here in 2003. I've also been involved with a wonderful crochet & craft group on there for several years now, & I enjoy our group very much. On Facebook you can block the hecklers & trolls, & I wish we could do so here too. Regarding our problems on Jigidi, I think troll dung is a more accurate description of those who get their kicks from ruining the fun & happiness of others. I do hope that Stefan & Magnus will listen to our comments & find a way to resolve these problems in a sensible way. They both seem to be intelligent & caring people, & I'm sure that if they try they can work this out somehow, for the good of all concerned. I hope you have a lovely day! Hugs, Gina


Not a rave at all - Gina, you are so right.
Most of us like Jigidi because - as you so rightly said - it is the best Jigsaw site and there is truly a great bunch of super people here.
It shouldn't matter whether you buy a star or not. I can take the snide remarks because you find these people all over the place and though their comments are distressing (and - so far - not as awful as those on Twitter and Facebook, neither of which have I joined - I dont need that 'friendship') I can either respond where I treat them with contempt or ridicule BUT what I hate is how they just spoil our fun and pleasure.
I have my stars - none of which will I renew - because I believe if you can afford it, support the people who have given us so much pleasure. But if they are not prepared to listen to the good people, why would we bother funding them.
Star or no star - it doesn't matter - everyone here should be doing it for the pleasure it brings.
It's the vile, sick minds who get some form of perverted delight in just being nasty.
They must be really pathetic losers if they have to troll a jigsaw puzzle site! Trollettes? Baby trolls? but definitely pathetic
have a wonderful day - I have yet to get to Oregon - I have visited 35 of the states - I love it and have many friends there - and so many super Jigidi friend too.
Take care


Yes Brie, you said it very well, & I too hope that Stefan & Magnus will listen to the truth & to your good suggestions. I love Jigidi & would hate to see it go down the tubes, or to develop an atmosphere that I wouldn't want to be part of, just because of the actions of a few mean spirited "trolls". These people aren't even really interested in the wonderful puzzles & fun times we have on Jigidi, but just want to spoil the fun for everyone then go about their merry way. I've dealt with this type of people on Facebook, & elsewhere online too. They deliberately go onto the Facebook & web pages of people with different views than their own & make rude comments & such, not to legitimately state an opposing view, but merely to cause trouble & make other people upset. I'm disabled & can't do much except sit in front of my computer. I enjoy the puzzles & the dear friends I've made from all over the world on this amazing website. I am on a fixed income & can't afford many "extra" expenses, so I haven't bought any stars or anything like that because I'm honestly not interested in doing that, & don't really even know exactly what this is about. If it becomes compulsory to pay money to "join" Jigidi, I may do so if the fee isn't too high, or I may just change over to a different puzzle website, but I haven't found any so far that are nearly as nice or as fun as Jigidi. I hate the fact that a few mean nasty people & personal "politics" are threatening to ruin what has been a real joy to so many people, many of whom are lonely, & I'm sure many who can't easily afford to pay much to join a group. It's very sad that such as these might be excluded from using this website in the near future, simply because they care more about doing fun & interesting jigsaw puzzles & making new friends from all over the world than about buying or earning stars. Well I guess I've raved long enough, & I hope this situation can somehow be resolved for the good of all. ~~ Gina, in Oregon, USA


Thankyou Julie - I try to do my best :o)


Wow Brie. You couldn't have said it better. I hope they will take it in the spirit offered. Your suggestions can only improve the site. I'm glad you reprinted it here. Thank You VERY Much. julie 88 and all the people you speak for!


My oh my - Wodin's is obviously on the same nastiness degree course. I'm surprised to see how long they have been a member. I wonder what it was that rattled his cage?


Hi Julie - I read your comment about my email - I'll post it here for youDear Stefan and Magnus

This is my reply to the comments you made on my puzzle and as you specifically requested emails.

Your decision to remove stars and favourites is regrettable and possibly, a backwards step.

I know many who just do favourites because wading through all the puzzles for some may not be how they want to do Jigidi, any more than those who choose not to purchase a star. That choice will no longer exist. Not everyone has the luxury of sitting at a computer for hours and that is where the ‘favourites’ benefits those people.

But the issue of Tenstars has definitely been the earthmover here. What a shame.

There are a few puzzles that are specifically targeted at getting Tenstars - Lady C’s 'Do You Remember' is a good example. Often non-star people enjoy doing those - and why shouldn't they any more than a Star doing a puzzle where the first top ten have no stars?
We do a puzzle because we: A) like the puzzle and B) we like the person who posted it and C) we like a speed challenge.

But it is not those people who joined Jigidi for the pleasure of doing on-line puzzles and meeting people who have caused this to happen. It is those who have joined to specifically spoil what, for so many, has been a fun challenge, a meeting of friends, and then insult them with vitriolic comments, accusations of cheating, insults and abuse.
The non-stars who have written to you both presumably whinged sufficiently to make you change what, until now, has been successful. Why can't those who resent the ten stars so much choose NOT to do those puzzles specifically aimed at achieving a complete column of orange stars?

The Tenstar user password is open to all. Please check out how many have been made under the names of Tenstar(800+), Tenstar2 (226), Tenstar3 (17) and Tenstar4 (3). That’s a lot of effort . Often when a person's puzzle goes 'ten' a kind person will make them a screen capture showing all ten stars! I remember my first ten star puzzle - I still have a picture of it saved on my computer. It was special. But now that won’t happen; no one will ever get that pleasure.

How many ‘Star’ people are there? That must be a substantial financial contribution. I consider the cost of a star value for the pleasure Jigidi has given me. The star isn’t a smug, superiority badge. It shows we were grateful to you both and it recognises that we are willing to pay to support your site. Why would any of us bother renewing?

I would now like to express my concern about the trolls. Your response was basically ‘Trolling happens, ignore them’.

So I did. They disappeared - UNDER THAT NAME. Since then, and particularly in the last couple of months, I have been verbally assaulted, accused of being a cheat, being immoral and not to mention snide and downright vile personal remarks. I have read nasty comments directed at other decent people. It is amazing that once the decent people react to the trolls, the trolls very quickly delete their comments. They are there just long enough for people to read, be upset, react and then - POOF! Like a puff of wind there is no evidence! Amazing. They join, they stalk, they spoil, they insult, they go. They sign up again under a new name, and the cycle begins again.

As you are probably aware from the support given to Sexyshoes over the last few days, very few people saw anything offensive in pictures of shoes. I quote:Erotic images are allowed - pornographic are not!
Where eroticism has high-art aspirations, pornography has an underlying commercial purpose. Images only intended to arouse and watermarked images from porn sites are NOT welcome and will be removed.

In support of Sexyshoes, Celestial posted the complete picture of Kate Moss and George Michael. Why was that not censored - probably because no one found it offensive? If there is to be censorship it has to be consistent. Where is the line drawn?

Which brings me to the sad conclusion that nothing appears done about the nasty people who lurk on Jigidi. If you do any monitoring, surely it should be to ban or threaten to ban, those who have caused such unhappiness. Unless they start a different email account every time they join Jigidi, you must have some way of contacting them or just banning that name. Yes, they will rejoin and continue their vile behaviour but remove them, block them but do not - especially when it is a personal vendetta in the case of Sexyshoes - admonish those who support your site.

I love Jigidi. I love being a ‘Star’ but the changes to ‘Stars’ will have given victory to that tiny minority who resent us and, above all, don’t pay. Please remember - the stars pay to support. If we can’t see the star, why bother to buy?


Yes PuzzleG, I waved my arms at one guy to shoo him away from the car and he made a scary noise and flapped right back. My mistake. LOL.


Yes, it's an interesting & unique call. Sometimes noisy, & sometimes kind of scary!


And noisy sometimes. I love their calls. Thanks PuzzleG


Beautiful shot, Julie88! I loved seeing sandhill cranes when we lived in Charleston SC. They are so lovely & graceful.


I suppose as long as we don't take over and push them away from what is as much right to be theirs, everything should be fine...sadly, too often, it isn't.


You're very kind Brie. My husband took this when we were leaving the bank on a VERY busy road. The female cranes are shy, but the males are pretty outgoing. I hate that we infringe on their habitat, but what are we to do?


what a great picture!

At the crossroads watch... :-)))




Is it a stalk-er?

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