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Mallaig Harbour.

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The fishing town of Mallaig with a good harbour, in the Lochaber district of Inverness-shire was, in it’s heyday a very busy place used by fishing fleets from both the East and West coasts of Scotland.
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@Andrew2. Yay, now I have a face to put with the name! I enjoy hearing different accents, & the Scots accent is my favorite in the world. I could listen to it forever! The way things are going here in the US, we may have to flee, & maybe we will end up in Scotland-who knows? I probably sound crazy, but ??? By the way, July 29th is my birthday, so thank you for sharing this lovely picture/puzzle, it is a nice gift. ~ Gina, in Oregon, USA :)


@Andrew2 ;-}}


@jerrys hi Jerry. So you’ve got over the first hurdle, I’m told told that the first is always the hardest. Stay well my friend. Remember “and it came to pass” and like all difficulties thiss too will pass and you’ll look back and wonder why you were anxious about it.


@Andrew2 Sautrday 5:20AM The test result just popped up on my email and I'm clear to proceed with the surgery. Whew (I think!)


@Andrew2 P.S. I deleted previous posting should anyone come across them while rambling through. While convenient (and appreciated!) for communicating, this is not as private as email.


@Andrew2 Harrowing!! Will let you know how things progress. Thanks, my friend.


@jerrys thanks Jerry. When I was five years old I was in hospital with diphtheria a very infectious disease and seventy five years later I was in hospital for the second time. A lot had changed in the intervening years. In 2018 when I collapsed in a dead faint I was taken to the almost brand new Queen Elizabeth hospital in Glasgow which was, at that time, the biggest hospital in Europe. All en-suite individual rooms, I was only on 24 hour monitoring for the month of December, free to walk about carrying the linen bag with the monitor (and go to the toilet whenever I wanted). However my operation took place in Clydebank on the north side of the river Clyde so I was taken there by ambulance. That hospital was about ten or fifteen years old and was just a bit faded. As a matter of fact it was built and paid for by the Enterprise company I worked for at that time and I wrote the cheques to pay for it. The night before the op. I was given a little tablet to ‘help me have a good nights sleep’ which I did and woke up two days later. I didn’t know that while I was sleeping all the ‘wire working’ had been done in preparation for the op. including the catheter, so I don’t know if it was difficult to insert it, but I got a bit of a shock when the young nurse pulled it back out! Like you I couldn’t use it properly so I think that was a mental thing, men have to stand up don’t they!
Enough about catheters, hope yours goes in and comes out effortlessly and painlessly, and everything else goes well too. A friend of mine tells me that when he has to go to the dentist (which I hate!) he says it’s no bother because all you have to do is turn up and lie back and let the guy do his thing! I suppose that’s the same with surgery!
Keep calm and keep in touch.


@jerrys thought I’d use this photo of the Mallaig Lifeboat to make contact with you over the next few days. Hope you get past the COVID test ok then the short wait (which of course always seems the longest time) a don to recovery. Am I allowed to tell you that my worst problem was dealing with the catheter! If necessary I will give you details later. Be assured of our prayers for you and the family until we know that you are safe and back in the recovery ward - is that ICU (Intensive Care Unit) or HDU (High Dependency Unit) or perhaps just back in a communal ward? We’ll share stories afterwards OK.


This harbour used to be one of the busiest harbours for fishing boats from all over Scotland and beyond.lo

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