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Dearest Michelle, I found your message just now and have left a message in return for you. Thanks so much my good friend.


Monica...I left you a message on an old puzzle.


Hello Patricia, it was so good to finally be able to get in contact with you on Facebook, thanks so much for putting in a friend request so that we could get in touch with one another! I'm so happy that you have more time to play with us again, as we've all really missed you very much! Take care and God bless Sweety!


hi monica :) I did not even think of checking my puzzles to see any comments! It's not until I saw your message here that I looked them up..I am doing well thanks. It's just that at work during the summer I am working till late and so I just am too tired to go on jigidi. But now I can relish at doing the puzzles and talking to you guys. I will send you a friend request on facebook. Good to hear from you...God bless you


Well hey there Patricia, I've been leaving you messages on your latest puzzle explaining why I haven't been able to contact you through Facebook, but I never knew if you saw them or not! I hope you come back to this one so you can see that I've been trying to contact you through jigidi! Hope all is well with you my good friend! Big hugs and kisses!


Hi Monica..Kittens are so cute. I love the innocence in their eyes. And they are so very curious.
I hope you are getting better each day and that the treatments will work. I am happy to see you back. God bless...Patricia


Janet- I know I can't resist them! lol Your so welcome my friend, and thank you for your good wishes, I really appreciate that more than you could know! Big hugs! xxx

MartHappily- I think so too, thanks so much for dropping by! :-)))

Ardy- AWE! I'm sure he'll feel very safe with you Ardy! Thanks so much for commenting, I always look forward to hearing from you, my friend! So happy you like my kitty puzzles! Take care, big hugs are being sent your way! :-))))

Ank- I will tell him about your puzzle for him, but it seems he has lost all interest in our fun puzzle site! :( Maybe I can get him on it long enough to put your puzzle together though! Thanks so much for thinking of him Ank, that's so very sweet of you! Love your new avatar by the way! Big hugs dear friend! xxx

Patti- Your so very welcome Patti, thanks so much for stopping by to leave a comment! Hugs for you my friend! xxx

Janine- You are quite welcome Janine, it's so good to see you again! I always look so forward to hearing from you! :D Have a great Wed. Biggest hugs ever!!! xxx

Awwww....Monica, this is as sweet as can be......
Thank you so much for making my day. Hugs....Janine :-)))


Precious! Thank you Monica!


Hi Monica, please tell Gary I made a puzzle for him. I hope he will log in today after such a long time. I hope you two have a great day.:-))


Poor kitty. Come sit with me. I'll keep you from falling. Thanks, Monica. Fun puzzles.


Aww so cute!


Hello there Robryan, did poor Layla fall off of her chair too? Poor little thing! :-D

Hi Sweetpants1994, I should think that would make him feel all better! Cuddles are always good! LOL


OH my poor little darling, i hope you didn't get hurt. maybe a few cuddles will help,


LOL! Too cute Monica!! I've seen Layla do this once!!

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