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Del Sud

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No.733 Del Sud 1946 10,073 Delta SS Lines Inc by Ingalls, Pascagoula
Scrapped in Kaohsiung 1972
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Apparently the same designer as the Aquarama posted earlier last week.
I only like one US Atlantic ship and that was the America/Australis....and perhaps the Pacific liners of the 30s Monterey/Britanis etc

Fascinating! Pretty unusual wasn't it?


@mtomlins The "stack" was the officer accommodation. The real stacks or funnel uptakes were the two small vertical pipes behind the large "accommodation" stack. It was one of the first attempts to make the funnels smaller and thus create more deck space. From Capt. Albert



I think the funnels are the two pointy bits behind. I'll post a photo of the old Argentina before a deck was added....wait out Mary @mtomlins

Huge funnels these ships had. You could put a swimming pool in them.

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