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Night Blooming Cereus

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For several years I occasionally drove by this rather ugly, scrawny cactus in our neighborhood and wondered why the owners kept it. Then one morning I saw it full of beautiful large blooms. I thought I'd stop and get pictures of it on the way home. But--the blooms had all dropped off by then! Two mornings later I drove by again and there were a few new blossoms. I took this photo. I looked it up and found it was a variety of Night Blooming Cereus. The blooms open during the night and are done by afternoon. By the end of the week the cactus was finished blooming. The blooms were very large and gorgeous while they lasted.
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Mine are just ten feet away from my kitchen and I still miss them sometimes!! Easily done!! It's generally the scent that reminds me sometimes!! Your photos are very nice - you shouldn't complain!! Well done :-)) tfs


How lucky you went a second time and could take a photo of it blooming so beautifully.
Thanks Sharon.


@Nicpeach2 I too have noticed sometimes flowers on very different cacti look so alike.


It is so funny to look at this plant and the flowers, because when I was a youngster my mother had a cactus with smooth "leaves" with almost identical flower. Ours bloomed and bloomed. I have one that I have had for years and missed all two blooms. 😩


Thank you, @Alta8 The cactus on its own isn't one of the prettiest, but its flowers are gorgeous and very large.


Beautiful cactus.TFP


Thank you for your nice comment, @silverfox19134 I will have to see if I can catch this one in bloom again next spring.


Thank you Sharon72 So glad you thought to go back and catch a photo shot of this beautiful cactus, even if it had lost most of its blooms. I love any species of cactus. Yes its true you have to be patient and it could take years, but they finally bloom.


@MarinaNephele I wish I were a better photographer. My puzzles don't do justice to the blooms on this cactus. Thanks for your comment.


They are so beautiful. Thanks.


@oldandancient actually it was prettier the first time it bloomed as there were more blooms. Sadly, within a few days there are no blooms left and then this poor cactus looks rather scrawny and straggly for the rest of the year, especially as this yard has crushed granite landscaping with no other plantings nearby.


@mifune17 I've been keeping an eye out for this to bloom this spring, driving by there once a week or so. It tricked me again. Went by the other day and all I saw were drying blooms spread on the ground. I've gone by two or three times since and haven't even seen any signs of new buds forming. It has been very dry here and cacti in other yards that I usually see blooming at this time haven't bloomed at all.


Impressive for a second showing. Once upon a time I had an Epiphyllum (indoors). Didn’t really look like a cactus like this variety does. Maybe once a year, if everything was perfect, it would bloom. Like the show advertisements of old ‘Appearing one night only!’. If you missed it you had a scraggly looking plant for another year waiting for it to bloom again.

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