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Tulips in my garden in Scottish sunshine.
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  1. Juice16:04
  2. zoffica7:25
  3. landscapelove7:25
  4. Kerwin9:33
  5. AlePe10:03
  6. Blaydas10:29
  7. tommy7114:23
  8. 1nancy115:15
  9. jerrys18:32
  10. Andrew226:47


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Love the color! Great puzzle


@Andrew2 Just thought of a tulip story...When Sally and I lived together, we rented a lovely house in South Hadley, Massachsetts from an old-moneyed family that owned vast acreage which they leased to farmers (the husband was a corporate lawyer). They were our next-door neighbors, and terribly elegant (for example had been to dinner with the reigning President at the White House, then threw a "menu-matching" dinner at their gracious home). They had an interest in tulips and had, at Lord knows what cost, a red tulip developed in Holland. It was called "Pride of Hadley" and they had thousands of them planted around the village and their home, as well. For our spring wedding gift (we were married in the living room of our house) they gave us a large silver-plated Revere bowl containing an arrangement of 23 Pride of Hadley tulips. It made a stunning centerpiece for the buffet table.


@Andrew2 I'll bet they were stunning. When we first moved to our current home some 20 years ago, we planted 125 bulbs in a semi-circular garden in the front. It was a mix of tulips and daffodils which I had planned to overplant with annuals to provide a fresh look all season. However, rabbits and squirrels descended and mowed the garden flat as soon as it sprouted. The squirrels came back and removed most of the bulbs, and most that were left became victims of the soil, a clay-dominant mix that consumed bag after bag of augmenting material. It proved a disaster. Since then, I have found perennials that survive the soil and enclosed the bed with 1/4" hardware cloth painted flat black. That seems to have conquered the voracious beasties!

Health-wise, I am coping. Hips benefited from epidural injections and I proceed with further investigations on the neck/arms issue. Thanks for asking...and your health, my friend?


There were about sixty of these same red tulips blooming all at the same time. I should have taken a photograph about a week earlier so now I have to wait till next year. How are you doing my friend; is your health any better these days?


@Andrew2 A perfect shot straight down the throat. Great color. Congrats!

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