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Mini Kite

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Seems like my memory is aging faster than my body.
This is a mini box kite I made when a former manager challenged our team to make kites.
For size comparison, the thing at the bottom is a copper USB thumb drive.
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  1. Ribs0:39
  2. MaryOz20220:42
  3. racoonstar0:45
  4. ebkrueg0:58
  5. alias2v1:00
  6. Starocech1:01
  7. Ianto1:08
  8. Pekaji1:10
  9. Arun1:12
  10. Ms_Maddy1:14


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Wish I had a dime for every box kite I had as a kid.


Oh what fun this had to be! grins!☺


It, uh...dangled...from an overhead light for a few days. :D


A neat kite, racoonstar. Our memories p0lay tricks on us at times. I'm trying not to be dogmatic about something I remember when it differs from another's memory. lol Thanks or the picture.


raccon I thought this was a tower of TP for the bathroom, you're always finding such interesting oddities on line.
Nice kite, did it fly?


Thanks for sharing, racoonstar. :-))

What a sweet little kite! The wonderful open lot where my husband and I used to fly kites has now been built up with athletic fields; no more kite flying. (But at least it isn't oversized office towers or unappealing apartment buildings. Contemporary architecture really *can* be attractive, but it seems nobody cares any more.) I hope you still have a good kite-flying field to enjoy this little gem. Our kites now mostly perform decorative services.


Have heard the phrase "Go fly a kite," but "Go make a kite," is a great phrase to hear at work!


Gee, you wouldn't have to worry about the wind carrying you away to foreign lands while holding that, huh? Very creative; you're a coon of many talents. BTW, my memory and my body are having a contest to see which is aging faster and, so far, my back's winning. Dementia doesn't run in my family, but you never know, I could be a trailblazer.

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