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Claude Monet - Camille with a Small Dog, 1866 (May17P08)

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Camille-Léonie Doncieux was born on 15 January 1847 in the town of La Guillotiere, now part of Lyons, France.

1st of a set of painting of Camille by Claude Monet. Please enjoy.

Cheerio, Jason :-)

I also post puzzles at jasonchung2 (my main account).
jasonchung is my second account.
jasonchung1 (my third account) is now a sealed account,
however, the puzzles there are still available for solving.

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Haha, I know what you meant to say Sarahardwick.

You are always welcome, and thank you for solving my puzzle.


That should read "but" not "bit" ! Haha !


Tiny bit beautiful ! Thank you ! 🏵💐


You are always welcome, Eagleboi.

Camille looks like she is deep in thoughts. The little dog seems to be thinking of something, too.

Monet and his wife had to face some hard times during the early days of their marriage.


His future wife, beautiful features but she looks sad in this work painting, thank you Jason for sharing with us.


You are welcome, Bubble :-))

Thank you for the comment.

There is some sadness in Monet and Camille's lives. However, as I prefer, to the best of my ability, to keep my puzzle page as positive and happy as possible, I do not dwell too much on that.

Love your eye for details, my friend :-))


She looks so poignant, Jason and from the other comments, a sad history.
Her outfit is interesting and her dog is painted wonderfully. Thanks for this one, dear friend. (✿´‿`)


You are very welcome, Rita.

Jason, thanks again for this series of paintings. Rita


You are very welcome, Bev.

I read all about Monet, his life and his paintings in books.

Like all of us, he and his family had their fair share of life's issues.

Some things may not be that great, so I prefer to leave that out of my postings or comments as I would rather just focus on the positive. I will leave it for others to find out what they like for themselves.

Thanks for the link.


Thank you Jason, I read about her life. In the beginning with Monet, wasn't the best. Nice story on Wikipedia. Bev.5-23....11:34 p.m.


You are very welcome, Donna :)

Leaderboard? Just happened to be lucky. Very soon, my name will be replaced by the superfast solvers which is perfectly fine with me.


This is the first time I have seen this painting of Camille. Thanks for posting, Jason, and look at your time on the Leaderboard! I'm impressed. Warm regards, Donna

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