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Hope...a la Impie

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March 24th @ 6:45 p.m.
Vancouver, Canada

Do you see the double rainbow?
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  1. emilym0:36
  2. Robbos0:40
  3. wshealy0:46
  4. liertje19780:46
  5. pumpkinhead0:49
  6. Ianto0:49
  7. janekersten0:52
  8. Impie0:53
  9. rndixon0:55
  10. puzzeljac0:56


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Thank you, Faye, maybe next time, but by getting it on camera is already like 'hitiing the Jackpot!♥
After my before last computer update Firefox on my computer sees Adobe flash player as 'dangerous' and I can't solve puzzle anymore. I can create puzzles, and comment, but as soon as I click on 'solce' I need to activate flash player and my screen will go blanc!!! So for solving I now use 'Edge' but where I can't use the ☺♥♫♪ etc. !!:((
Hopefully soon it will work with HTML5 and then also hopefully Firefox won't see it as some sort of virus!:)


Don't worry about it, Impie. I've had a few "Bad Gateways" lately when I click on puzzles, and puzzles disappearing from notifications when I've had to interrupt my checking...when they're normally there for a few hours. TPTB must be working on the system...or it's our "vintage" computer. ;DDD

I was under lockdown...and it is across the river...and on a busy we assumed somebody else had already "hit the jackpot"! ;)))


Oops....Leroy pointed me to this puzzle yesterday and wondered why I hadn't solved your it nor commented.
I don't recall getting a notification a matter of fact I seem to miss out on a lot of notifications lately:(

But, better late than never.....thank you for sharing this beautiful double rainbow....did you find the pot of gold or was it gone already???:-))))


Let's hope so, Marilyn...the world could certainly use it now. Stay safe. ❤️❤️❤️


We can hope it is double the promise. :)


You two, too! ❤️❤️


The second rainbow may be faint, but it's a rainbow to hold onto during difficult times.
Thank you, Faye.
Stay well!


Thank you, Ardy. ❤️


Beautiful, Faye. I do see the double. Thanks. You got a lovely group of shots of this. ♥

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