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Lawren Harris - Winter Landscape With Pink Houses

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Lawren Stewart Harris (1885-1970) was a Canadian painter, best known as a leading member of the Group of Seven who asserted a distinct national identity combined with a common heritage stemming from early modernism in Europe in the early twentieth century.
Born: October 23, 1885, Brantford, Canada
Died: January 29, 1970, Vancouver, Canada
Periods: Abstract art, Art Nouveau
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I just love everything from this Group of Seven!


I think I must investigate the "Group of Seven". . .as I don't think I know them.

Love the 'Group of Seven' artists--all of them...


I so like that you look at dates and how your own life connects to them. I am a history teacher, among other things. History is personal.


Thanks! Great painting. I noticed that the artist was born three years before my grandfather (1888-1985) and died the year I graduated, 1970. They knew a similar time period and probably shared many of the struggles of that era.


I really looked through several photos of this painting, before deciding this one was the "best". I can make it larger.



Thanks Audrey!

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