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John would be 80

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He liked the number 9, so 9 pieces.
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  1. Syke0:05
  2. Brian6660:06
  3. 3130:06
  4. Zebrapleco10:08
  5. LLLZ0:09
  6. wshealy0:09
  7. fox661l0:10
  8. azpaul0:10
  9. Ianto0:10
  10. northcousin0:11


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My husband gave me the White Album for my 16TH Birthday. I was over the moon.


I cut the top like a Beatle cut, but kept the rest of it very long throughout high school. Of course I am wearing my John tshirt today. I have one for each Beatle's birthday. Yes, I am a Beatlemaniac, but not the only one. Twitter is full of musicians playing tribute songs to John today.


I loved them all..The first time I saw them on the Ed Sullivan show, I ran upstairs and attempted a Beatle cut. It was hilarious. My big sister had to fix it and she gave me an excellent style. She was just 14. I love her so much.

I loved Paul. My mom did not like their “long hair “ too bad when they first came on the scene their hair wasn’t too bad. It in their later years it just grew longer. We had a priest teaching us in high school. All the mothers were complaining his hair was too long. my lord it wasn’t that long.


They all had their special and unique personalities. This is not the day to criticize.


I`ll check it out. Thank you


Both of his sons are doing pretty well. Julian sounds a lot like him. Sean is very mellow. There is a good interview between them on Youtube right now.


All the years he`s been gone, we`ve missed out on so much of his talent. I can`t even imagine (no pun intended)


Happy birthday John - English Music Legend ! Thanks Carol..........B


Great photo of John. Happy Birthday John.....

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