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A neighbor's ex-farm

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This is the neighbor I see from the front porch. The stone structure on the near end which has fallen into disrepair - was it part of the stable? Why so much storage - the shed extension to the barn, another lean-to extension on the side toward the house, a semi trailer installed in the rear (how *did* they get that in there?), more storage in the rear, and another "carport" (containing a boat) out of the picture to the left? With that barn, why do they need all that external storage?

And then there's the evergreen tree (I suspect, from the straggly form, that it's a fir, but I'm not sure); it's big and old - it's 4 times higher than a 2-story house, and the trunk at the base has a diameter more than half the width of a car! The tree just past the end of the house has been around awhile, too!

Partial answers: the lean-to on the house side houses another, bigger boat; the barn has two very large garage doors installed on the road side, and the current owner is the local Snap-On dealer. [For those unfamiliar with it, Snap-On is a franchise which makes high-quality hand tools; individuals are franchised, and drive their trucks to businesses, shops and garages in their areas, on a regular schedule, selling new and replacement tools.] He keeps the truck(s) in the barn, and probably uses at least some of the storage (e.g. the trailer?) for inventory storage.
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What a big complex!


What an interesting view you have, dondi. Having the white car in the picture gives it perspective. Yes, I can see how wide the trunk of that tree is when comparing it to the car in front of it, and just how big that barn is. That sky is awesome too!


Great pic. The light was just right! Interesting neighbor!

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