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Praying Squirrel

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I took this picture some years ago .

Someone sent me this video and it reminded me of 2 baby squirrels I save a few summers ago and took to a wildlife rehabilitator , they grew up and were released back into the wild. This is a good video, sound on.
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That's a great capture, Jim!


Rob , so glad you enjoyed the video. Jim


Thanks Neville , I reposted this old photo on account of the video. Jim


Janet , glad you like the video, I know you like squirrels it was touching for me also. Those little baby's are so cute. You know I feed them , sometimes there are as many as 7 in the yard , they have their winter fur on and are quite plump. Hugs back , dear friemd, Jim.


Great photo Jim - and the video was terrific:)))) Thanks:))


Jim that was so wonderful. I had a tear in my eye at the end when they let it go free! Fabulous, thanks. Hugs.


Jim he is gorgeous, as you know I LOVE squirrels. I'll try the video now. Hope it will open for me. Thanks and hugs dear friend, Janet


Thanks, Mogens, took this with a 35 MM many years ago. The cherry tree is long gone that he's on.


Agnes, so glad you liked it


BK sorry you couldn't see the video ,it was the best part.


Haahaha , smllpkg , I'm not going to touch that line.


Ahoj Jim, je to moc hezké video. A tento obrázek veverky také. Moc se mi to líbilo. Díky. ☺


My AV blocked this site Jim...oh well. Great image though, I does look like he's sweetly asking for a peanut :-))


Great shot! He's saying, "Please give me some of those nuts!"


Eva , it was touching for me too . I remember the 2 little squirrels I saved .the puzzle is somewhere on the puzzle page , I'll see if I can find it for you. Jim.

Video is touching, cuddling together beautifully, thank Jim. Released to the wild was great.


Ginger , I wished you could have seen this video, its good , shows 2 baby squirrels being hand feed in captivity then growing up and released back into the wild. .beautiful music also
Were all fine, thanks for asking Ginger, lately I've received so much email and try to answer them all . I'm overwhelmed. Plus shoveling snow and other chores. I'm so far behind on doing puzzles too. Hugs dear friend. Jim

Beautiful praying squirrel. Thanks Jim, I'm going to look at the video.



My flash player wouldn't let me watch Jim, darn! Good to see you on line again my friend. Hope all is well with you and yours. Hugs for two. ;o))

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