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a town that never sleeps

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these fabrics by waverly. some images may be copyrighted. i do not claim any ownership
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  1. alib352:59
  2. wildwater3:18
  3. botmom143:19
  4. kathy554:10
  5. katai4:16
  6. spotto4:22
  7. HollyBG4:33
  8. beckstermn4:49
  9. deborah584:51
  10. Bididi4:57


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I'm not familiar with the class hamster. Sorry I can't help you. Sandy


you're welcome as always sandy! have you seen the class hamster? fluffy hasn't been returned to our classroom. lol

Your tutoring session is great and it looks like a lot of work. I'm not bold enough to try it. However, I will work any of the medium-size puzzles that you publish. They have already given me many pleasant hours, and I hope to continue. By the way my daughter lives in Queens and we used to go there regularly. With Covid now, we don't get to see each other much. Thanks for the puzzle and the lesson. Sandy


thanks so much kathy? i'm trying to figure out who has the class hamster. fluffy is M.I.A. haha

Thank you.



1/ google "online fabric stores"
2/ choose a website from those choices.
3/ these fabric stores will have pictures of every fabric
4/ find yourself a photo-editing program
5/ cut and paste a picture of the fabric you like into your program layout

that's the gist of it. you just need to get familiar with a photo editing program, which is the most challenging part. i use photoscape because it's free. there are hundreds of online fabric stores with thousands of different designers and manufacturers. it took me maybe a month to get savvy with photoscape. youtube has many videos on how to use photoscape.

At first I thought the "Town that never sleeps" was Los Vegas, but I was wrong. LOL Thank you for such a pretty fun puzzle Toto!

I'm so curious how you create these puzzles from fabric images. Please tell me if you can.

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