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Fox was digging in the night.

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Thank you everyone, I saw a fox in my garden in broad daylight, I live in the middle of a village not near a wood.


I looked this up & found this. 3. Smells
Boil some chilli and garlic and blend them together to make a nice natural fox repellent that can be sprayed on your garden. Foxes have a keen sense of smell and do not like it, and this will keep foxes away without any damage to the environment or causing harm to the fox.

As foxes are territorial animals, there are also fox repellent packages (amazon link – opens in a new tab) that you can buy that mimic the scent of a more dominant fox. The odour of a more dominant fox will make your problem fox nervous and hopefully deter them from coming back

I have a problem with spiders & they don't like vinegar, so I would try that also.
So sorry Barb, as we love wildlife, but can't put up with all of this. Take care and have a nice weekend. Hugs..


My goodness they do make a mess, the blackbirds do that here pulling all the mulch off the gardens looking for food, Thank you Barbara ☺♥


You might want to see if your nurseryman know of a predator species that you could introduce that would feed on the grubs; if you get the grubs, then you get the adults, too. It's always best to use a natural predator, IMHO, rather that introduce something that could harm the foxes. I'm not sure what it would be in this case, but I'm betting they can help you find an alternative that would simply "amplify" some existing part of the food chain to rid your grass of the creatures. He might also be able to suggest a different species of cover vegetation that wouldn't attract the bugs/grubs in the first place; good luck!


Barbara, that's good to know. I was thinking that you are going to have to fill all those holes and sow the grass seeds, protect them from birds.....lots of work....LOL


I am not bothered this is a small piece, most of the lawn is behind me here and green.


Oh, my....What a mess, Barbara. I feel for you....


I often get a few holes, but never this many before.


Oh my, what a mess it made, Barbara. Hope you can find something that will stop the fox from coming.


Thank you triciab, I have trouble killing anything, I gather up slugs and snails and take them down the fields.


It is very dry, we need some rain.


That fox was busy. :-/


Your fox is after the grubs in the lawn; those brown/yellow patches of grass have been hit by some sort of insect - very possibly cinch bugs or a similar pest. If you poison them, you'll get rid of them, but you'll likely poison the fox(es) as well. You might want to talk to a nurseryman about a remedy for the bugs that won't harm the foxes. No bugs = no foxes (or moles... or several others). Good luck :-)


A fox? Digging for what?


He made a mess.

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