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Plague Mask circa 1650-1750

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Evidently, there is a competition between museum curators across the world where they post pictures on different subjects. This weeks challenge was to post the the creepiest object in their archives. #creepiest objects. This Plague mask was the contribution from Deutsches Historisches Museum.
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  1. auntmom70:59
  2. Robbos1:02
  3. cobra1:13
  4. harper171:24
  5. rajinder1:24
  6. Mngal31:25
  7. sauvegirl1:26
  8. cappy1:31
  9. berth_a1:32
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Thanks all for your comments. I hope everyone stays safe and sound. God bless.


amazing, thanks and keep well

sauvegirl, thank you for posting the puzzle and the information about the plague. I didn't remember that it was also airborne but that makes sense.


Creepy. Maybe it was also designed to scare the plague to death.


mikemac, You are correct that it was spread by fleas and rats. Modern science has also proven it was air born. I didn't write the history on this item, just posted the info on "I F--king Love Science".

Wasn't the plague caused by the bite of a flea that traveled around the world upon the bodies of rodents (rats) that were stowaways on merchant and trade ships? If so, this impressive looking mask would be completely ineffective against it, though it might be effective against Covid-19.


I wonder if it worked for the wearer to avoid the plague.

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