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New fawn

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There have been a few additions to the deer families in our area recently. This one was wandering right outside the fenced in part of the yard. The image was taken with my phone through a double pane window, so my apologies for the quality. I also left the full height of the fence so you could judge how small she is. The fence is 2" x 4" mesh and is 4 feet high (though at least 10" are under the leaf litter).
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  1. Dclo1:36
  2. PaxLab1:52
  3. Ianto2:32
  4. diannez2:33
  5. Ginni22:35
  6. schutkleur2:37
  7. happiness3:10
  8. stonetheiceman3:25
  9. debbd3:33
  10. Fesnak4:06


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Thank you, Ginni2


She is adorable!


Thank you, 4felines. I find the natural beauty around me to be a real blessing, and moments such as these are particularly special!


You must feel special seeing that adorable, precious deer outside your window! I know I would. Thank you for the perchance shot! ~Martha


You are always welcome to visit! (Though I know it is not the same.)


That indeed is VERY small, and so CUTE!!!
You are so very lucky to be able to see baby deer from your home!!! (I'm green)

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