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  1. Ribs0:54
  2. inny1:01
  3. suemarie1:08
  4. Diannepuzzle1:13
  5. grandmalucy1:18
  6. JM_Cookie1:21
  7. Maggo1:23
  8. alias2v1:23
  9. papahen1:26
  10. Ianto1:27


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As you've probably noticed, asking me a "quick question" doesn't guarantee a quick answer....sorry about that..... :-(((


You can remove your OWN comments at any time by clicking on the red "Remove" to the right of and just above your comment. But I don't think that's what you want! The only ways you can remove OTHER people's comments are:

1.) Delete your puzzle. That will do it, but it will also remove everyone else's comments, and your puzzle will disappear as well. You could then re-post your puzzle, of course, but then all the people who solved it would no longer be shown (I think they keep the credit for having solved it, though), and, of course, there's nothing to stop the annoying person/people from coming right back and commenting again.

2.) Ask the person who commented to remove the comment(s). Yeah, right--good luck with that.....

3.) Write to Jigidi and ask THEM to remove the comment(s). That works when the person has written something obscene, or threatening (I had a stalker once who told me s/he knew where I lived, what my kids' names were, and so on, and that I'd "better watch out if I knew what was good for me". Jigidi not only removed the comment, but banned that person.) But Jigidi needs a very good reason before they'll censor someone. Instead of removing the comment(s), they might tell the person to ease up on their criticism, or leave you alone (but you'd have to say something to the offending person first, and have them keep right on refusing to leave you alone--you have to make some effort yourself, and let Jigidi see that that isn't working, before Jigidi will try to intervene).

So, in other words, yes, there are ways, but it's not as simple as clicking on the right option, darn it......


Hi Suemarie - I have a quick question for you: is there a way to remove comments from a puzzle "feed"?


You're very welcome--and I hope you enjoy your time on Jigidi! I think you're off to a great start with your puzzles, despite that one nay-sayer! :-)))


Hi Suemarie - I'm new to the neighborhood and just wanted to thank you for defending the puzzles. I didn't think it wise to respond on the actual puzzle as it may have been taken as a provocation, further agitating our fellow puzzler. So, thank you !


Hi, Suemarie - I see you are under fire on another puzzle from someone who says you made pagan remarks - what is a pagan remark, anyway? I went back to your snowflake, and I see there have been some acerbic comments by kozrh. I just removed all of mine, and I would recommend that you remove yours, too. These people are certainly not on the right website, as they are unnecessarily rude.



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