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Cat outside of the box

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morepiecesplz posted a similar picture, and this is how the experiment went at our house.
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That is not Schrodinger’s cat :)


I can't remember who posted it, but there's a picture of a cat halfway sitting in the box. A housemate jumped over it, and I can't remember what the third housemate did. It's fun to hear (and see) the results!


so did anyone have results in the end?


Very cute! sent this to a friend to try on her 2 Siamese cats! waiting to see what happens!!...Maria


A cute picture, and cute caption!


I pulled up the link, and as a matter of fact I pulled up the tape, too.

You or the cat, Fredde?


Just pulled it up, YO. LOL!


That's how it would go at our house. Shadow has never yet done what we expected him to do. He's a love-kitty, but he does march to the beat of his own drummer.


Must be left, Ellen! :o)


Thanks for that clarification, Fredde. Good to know I can still get some things right (or left).


Thanks for attempting it Fredde. I think I'll give a try, the box is made, but the cats are AWOL at the moment. :)

Nice try any way. :)


I admire - and appreciate - your attempt!


That must be it. KK is older with health issues. She's happy to nap most of the day. I've had other cats that would no doubt sit in the box.


I commented on the larger puzzle - hadn't seen this yet. Thanks for trying - beautiful Kim-Kim is on to our tricks, I think, and won't have anything to do with it! I will try it with my guys, but as I said, they're older with health issues and aren't so curious.


It doesn't flick too much. She was just curious but not curious enough to enter the box. This afternoon she will be visiting the nursing home, so I'll have to share this story.


She's saying, "Why bother? There's nothing in there for me!"


my guess is that tail was flicking...


Here is the other puzzle.


That was morepiecesplz, so you aren't imagining things. Your sanity is intact. Kim-Kim wasn't ready to enter the box, so she just looked at it.


I thought I saw a puzzle with a picture of a cat inside a blue "box" similar to this one within the past several days... Was it just a premonition of pictures to come?


That face looks like, 'Just what BS are you trying to pull here, Freddie?'

Just thinking about it...what are they up to now? ...Sherry :)))

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