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My English Letter

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"My English Letter

When each white moon, her lantern idly swinging
Comes out to join the star night-watching band,
Across the grey-green sea, a ship is bringing
For me a letter, from the Motherland.

Naught would I care to live in quaint old Britain,
These wilder shores are dearer far to me,
Yet when I read the words that hand has written,
The parent sod more precious seems to be.

Within that folded note I catch the savour
Of climes that make the Motherland so fair,
Although I never knew the blessed favour
That surely lies in breathing English air.

Imagination’s brush before me fleeing,
Paints English pictures, though my longing eyes
Have never known the blessedness of seeing
The blue that lines the arch of English skies.

And yet my letter brings the scenes I covet,
Framed in the salt sea winds, aye more in dreams
I almost see the face that bent above it,
I almost touch that hand, so near it seems.

Near, for the very grey-green sea that dashes
’Round these Canadian coasts, rolls out once more
To Eastward, and the same Atlantic splashes
Her wild white spray on England’s distant shore.

Near, for the same young moon so idly swinging
Her threadlike crescent bends the selfsame smile
On that old land from whence a ship is bringing
My message from the transatlantic Isle.

Thus loves my heart that far old country better,
Because of those dear words that always come,
With love enfolded in each English letter
That drifts into my sun-kissed Western home".

The poem in Today's Daily Jigsaw puzzle is titled "My English Letter" and was written by Canadian poet, author, and performer Emily Pauline Johnson (1861 – 1913) ♥

The image in Today's Daily Jigsaw Puzzle is of an old English county post office in the village of Weston Underwood, Buckinghamshire, UK
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I enjoyed the puzzle and the poem. Thank you.


An English poem? Slightly confused for us. Of course, it is only translated!


Anglická báseň? Pro nás mírně zmatená. Ovšem, je pouze přeložená!


Lovely poem and beautiful grounds. Jolly Ole England!! Thank you for this picture,

Beautiful puzzle. an amazing poem. thank you.


Oh my! I live very near here! I thought I recognised the picture! Thanks for posting.

Thank you for the lovely puzzle and the beautiful poem. E

Loved the beautiful puzzle and the accompanying poetry so sweet!

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