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Found a great cat book

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I like to make people smile as you can probably tell by the puzzles that I post. Laughter is a lot like a stone being dropped in a calm lake. Once you drop it in, it will send ripples of happiness in every direction, happiness never decreases by being shared. To be kind to all, to like many and love a few, to be needed and wanted by those we love, is certainly the nearest we can come to happiness.

A smile starts on the lips, a grin spreads to the eyes and a chuckle comes from the belly. But a good laugh bursts forth from the soul, overflows and bubbles all around.

Laughter will always be the best medicine, silence will always be the best revenge and love will always be all you need. Laughter is the best medicine but if you laugh for no reason, you need medicine.

Life isn't measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away.

Don’t live life so seriously, always have time to laugh. Laughter not only adds years to your life, but adds life to your years!!! Bonnie :))

I am also trading as stillmanic :))

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There are a lot of deaths occurring unnecessarily from negative Covid tests, with people too frightened to go to the Doctor with other problems.

Sorry John, it's a worry so it's good to talk.


Tis a treacherous road to which you lead. I for one will watch from afar as I have an unquenceable thirst for humor that will be rendered lifeless if I should follow. As for me, the yellow brick road is the path that beckons... talley ho!


They're only reporting deaths in the US as Covid deaths if Covid is proven to be the cause of death. There are still a LOT more deaths from cancer and heart disease than Covid-19. But this still means that a quarter million people have died in the USA that shouldn't have if the pandemic had been managed properly from the start (like in New Zealand).


You are getting better information than we are since we only get total numbers. This is frustrating because it feeds into the conspiracy theories. I started a spreadsheet but the information is very hard to find. I was able to find out what was the anticipated US deaths for 2020 prior to COVID. Then I tried to find out the actual total count for deaths in 2020 and this information is tough to find. The difference is the number that should be the real number used for COVID deaths. Some people were already on their deathbed and would have died regardless. In fact, if there's anything positive at all about this monster is that the suffering ended for older people where death was a blessing. Everyone wants to die in their sleep but that rarely happens. I'm much more afraid of the dying process than death itself and I think a lot of older people feel the same way. At least ones that I know.

My best guess is 1/2 the number reported is of people who died in 2020 who had at least another year to live. Still, it's no laughing matter. In any event this is a very sad time in all of our lives and we can only hope the vaccines work. This concerns me also. Pfizer came out with a vaccine that touted 90% efficacy. Then another company said theirs was 94.5%. Then Pfizer comes out and now theirs is now 95%. Really....... Hmmmm..........


We are being told of COVID death numbers in a three different ways.
1. COVID death where a person has had a positive test within the last 28 days
2. Where a death certificate mentions COVID
3. Number of deaths above the average for the time of year


I so agree with you, Bonnie. In the middle of October the reported cases were only 20 in our county of Maine. At that time, the Northeast also seemed to have things under control. We took the chance and went to Rochester to redeem the rest of our belongings out of storage. Our timing was perfect because our county now has over170 cases in just a month's time and it's raging everywhere again. The young family I mentioned believe it's overblown and that many deaths are being reported as a COVID death but really are not. This is the reason we declined the young people don't take it seriously. The conspiracy theories circulating the US right now are enough to blow your mind.

Jean, I'm never nice just truthful. LOL My mouth has gotten me into more trouble than I care to remember.


Thank you, Bonnie and crashnot- so nice of both of you to say so, and hugs right back-


I shared my niece, she is now married with Thomas 5 and Elizabeth 3. So I am a great aunt.

Hubby has a grown up daughter, also with two children. I got a happy mothers day card last year, it bought me to tears.

I just wish people would stay at home and stop socialising, then this virus with go. I am afraid that it's the 20 -40 year olds who are going out and spreading it (in the UK anyway). Partying seems to be more important than that of their older friends and family.
I am getting fed up with the conspiracy theorists too. If they think it doesn't exist then get them to help out at the hospitals, with no PPE!

OK off my soap box!!!


Thank you, Bonnie. I appreciatively grabbed them.

Having no children, we just enjoyed any body who would share theirs with us. When we lived in Rochester I was the emergency babysitter for Roy's youngest brother. I'm old enough to be his mother. Therefore, I felt like a grandmother, more than an aunt, with his children who are almost teenagers now. We moved to Maine a year ago and are friends with a very young family. In fact we're considered adopted members and this woman gave me my first "happy mother's day" this year. It brought me to tears. No COVID has us separated but hopefully we'll get together in the future again. We were invited for Thanksgiving dinner but declined for health reasons this year.


{{{ Bouncing the (((HUGS))) right back at you }}}

I am the same with regards to children/grandchildren :((


Hi Jean, Thank you for telling me you enjoyed my post. Yes, I agree with Bonnie, you are funny also. Do you know why? You make fun of being old. Do you know how many people hate getting old and are very sour about it? What's the choice! I've always lived my life in the future even as a very young girl. Now, I have to stop doing that or I'll be digging my own grave. LOL My husband spoils me rotten and I know I'd be lost without him. I tease that he's made me needy so if he dies before me, I'll kill him. We both laugh at this. Life is tough but humor eases it somewhat. We have no children and thus no grandchildren either. My critters are my children.

Enjoy life, have fun, stay safe and healthy. I like to pass out hugs. Here's some for both you and Bonnie. Be sure to grab them and feel the warmth.
(((( ♥ )))) (((( ♥ ))))


But you are funny Jean :))


Hello Joanne- l envy your gift for laughter- yours too, Bonnie- my life is dead-serious l never learned how to laugh!


What a wonderful selection of wildlife, your own private zoo :))


Hi, I read your intro and laughed. I too love animals more than people and think they are probably more intelligent. In fact I what I call Joanisms and one of my recent is: Humans are big and intelligent with the best chances of survival, but we are stupid idiots because we can't get along with our own species. We recently moved to Maine from Rochester, NY and we feed all the birds and critters who venture into our Beasto (Bistro). We feed little red squirrels by hand because otherwise the Blue Jays would take all their nuts. As it stands, the Blue Jays will stalk the little guys and sometimes try to take their nut away. We also have rabbits, Snowshoe Hare, skunk, porcupine, raccoons, chipmunks, deer, turkey, rat, mice. etc. We had a moose visit our property and, even though we've been coming to Maine for over 20 years, it was our first moose sighting in Maine. We also had a black bear as a visitor and he was beautiful. It's so sad we couldn't let him have any food. What amazes me is how they all tolerate each other. Humans not so much. You can look at my puzzles and my husband, crashnot2, if you are interested in our critters.

I also like to make people laugh and call myself Crazy Old Lady - I'm 73. It's my goal to make at least one person a day laugh. If you ask my husband how many times a day he laughs he'll answer: "Once from morning 'til night".

I've been to Wales. When my older brother was still alive, he and his wife lived in Kidderminster, England. They brought us to your beautiful country to climb a mountain. We stayed at the Pen-y-Gwryd Hotel. Every Christmas there would return for Christmas. His widow still lives in England as she was born there.

Nice to learn there are other crazies out there having fun. Another Joannism: if you name it, if you accept it, you can be it. Crazy works for me.


ʕ๑‿๑ʔ꒰•‿•꒱ʕ๑‿๑ʔ LOLʕ๑‿๑ʔ꒰•‿•꒱ʕ๑‿๑ʔ


@rswestley - I think Dr. Freud would be interested in whether or not your mother spanked you as a child.




and you become a serial killer by repetition. Step aside Freud...I can't help but think I just unlocked a clue as to why there are serial killers


you learn to read by repetition-


LOL :)) :))


Tabbies are good readers :)


꒰•‿•꒱ʕ๑‿๑ʔ꒰•‿•꒱ LOL ꒰•‿•꒱ʕ๑‿๑ʔ꒰•‿•꒱
ʕ๑‿๑ʔ꒰•‿•꒱ʕ๑‿๑ʔ LOLʕ๑‿๑ʔ꒰•‿•꒱ʕ๑‿๑ʔ

Thank you one and all :))



C*U*T*E -


As a fan of the British TV show Red Dwarf, I can tell you that cat books are read by scent.


lol - Love Ellen's comment! Thanks for this puzzle, Bonnie. ;-))


I knew it! I KNEW IT !!!!!


Who is this cat reading a book and what nationality is the name "???????????". I'm guessing this cat is Southern Arizonian. We Southern Arizonians are easily amused


easier to take a cat nap that way.


Just a little redundant.....


My nomination for the greatest speech ever written.


The script for the Meow Mix commercial?


It was a purr-fect page-turner of a book. ;-)

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16 February 2018 - 10 December 2016
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