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Horseman, 83 years old!

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Lovely horse too
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  1. JillianB0:28
  2. illingcm0:28
  3. iwalkden19630:29
  4. Deanna0:32
  5. Ianto0:33
  6. JennyG660:35
  7. Berroye0:35
  8. laskadog10:37
  9. ljh1230:37
  10. zhaba470:38


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I can envy such a person. He is also a very pleasant man.


He is in great shape!!


I couldn't agree more. Those two men looked so fit and 'young', unbelievable.


The rider doesn't look 83! Riding must keep him young. What a beautiful horse this is!!


I know ;-))


Haha Jaklien it was your suggestion and I finally worked out I had to remove the old one first duh!


My pleasure Jill.
You still managed to put a new avatar, it is such a sweet photo, love it! Well done!


Great and the rider is happy enough to let the horse have time for a snack. Thank you


All right, Janet, keep moving. But if it doesn't work... then it doesn't work any more, does it?

The fountain of youth is most likely moving, if you can, while doing something you love! Keep riding even if you need a forklift to get you there! Bless you,


Deanna, when you are on a horse, an incredibly noble animal, of course you see everything a bit from the height. You shouldn't be afraid though, because it's really quite high (not as high as on an elephant, but still).


Jaklien, it is said that the most beautiful view of the world is from the saddle of a horse. I don't know,I've never tried it, so thank you very much for your series of photos today. The age of the riders and their physical condition are admirable ♥:))

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