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Latifa, can I play too?? ;-))

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Maddie and I were talking this evening about Jane Goodall and her work with chimpanzees...


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I see the face now!!! Thank you, Obby.


What a soulful little face! I hope he\she is comforted by the pretty colours and the hidden lilies. Nice work, philoxie.


So far all my 'critters' have just happened, gifts to me. I have another one that I am working on... and working on. It sure didn't pop into being :0)) We'll see what happens with it. I'm so glad you enjoyed my last play one! I saw you found my birthday one for you :0) Thanks!


Yeah, well Maddie, you are used to your computer!!!!! LOL!!! :))

Thank you, irisriver. Yes, I love Jane Goodall's work and what she stands for.

Thank you nette10. I saw this when I was drawing and it made me laugh! And Maddie had just shown me Latifa's drawing asking Maddie to come out and play.... it seemed perfect for the thread of things. :)) I am glad you liked it.:))

Thank you, Kirsten. It is amazing how well know she is, isn't it???

Thanks, Latifa. I have missed being able to get onto jigidi and see you and everyone. When I saw this I just had to post it, Maddie had just shown me your come out and play puzzle. I had to laugh, it was so wonderful. Then up pops this one and we kept laughing and Maddie posted it on Phlloxie from her computer. :)) Let's play!!!!


Of course you can come play :D How much fun we will have !!!

Love this! So good to see you again, phloxie!


I'm a fan of Jane Goodall and her work too. Your puzzle is a fun tribute to her, Phloxie. (❛ᴗ❛)


Love this! (˚°♡°˚)


This is adorable! So glad you and Maddie are together having happy creative fun! Jane Goodall is fascinating! Grins!☺


I beat you, Phloxie, by 12 seconds !! hahahah
By the way, I like your puzzle, I think he is cute ! ☺♥☺